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News Archive
Steam Summer Sales! posted by   eyebo at 23 Jun, 2017
If you don't own all the environments yet, now's the time to get them!
The Steam Summer Sales are upon us!

Until July 5, 2017
50% discounts on Canyon, Valley, Stadium, ShootMania, and TMUF+3 TM2 environments.

€ 4,99 - Stadium
€ 9,99 - Canyon
€ 9,99 - Valley
€ 9,99 - Shootmania

Or get the TrackManias bundled:
€ 29,99 - TMUF + Canyon+Valley+Stadium

Not on sale, but worth buying:
€ 19.99 - Lagoon
Weekend Events posted by   eyebo at 22 Jun, 2017
Get ready for a hot weekend!
MX Knockouts posted by   eyebo at 17 Jun, 2017
The MX Knockout competitions today will be in Time Attack, in the Valley title.
Come join us today at 11:30 CEST and 21:30 CEST!

More info about the Knockouts in the forums.
Mania Tech Wiki posted by   eyebo at 15 Jun, 2017
Introducing Mania Tech Wiki.

Xymph says:
This site aims to document technical aspects of, and technology in, the games in the Mania series by Nadeo (ok, and Virtual Skipper too). It is a very small wiki now, and because of its nature is likely to remain quite small too. Nonetheless, interested contributors are now invited to sign up and start adding relevant information.

More info in the forums.
Knockout Reminder! posted by   eyebo at 03 Jun, 2017
The MX Knockout in TrackMania 2 Lagoon will be held at 11:30 CEST and 21:30 CEST today, Saturday June 3, 2017.

It will be played in Time Attack mode.

This will be the first Knockout competition in Lagoon, so don't miss it! If you can't make both, try to make at least one of them! Hope to see you there!
MTC June 2017: Two Sided posted by   [Linkin] Alex at 01 Jun, 2017

The June Mania Exchange MTC is now live!

Theme: Two Sided - Create a track where at least three checkpoints must be driven through both ways at least once (forwards and backwards).

Find more information here: MTC June 2017: Two Sided
Find the submission thread here: MTC June 2017: Submission Thread

Good luck, and enjoy! :done:
May 2017 - News Wrap-up posted by   eyebo at 29 May, 2017
It's been a busy month!
TM2 Lagoon released!!! posted by   eyebo at 24 May, 2017

Lagoon is out!!! :o
You can upload your Lagoon maps here on Mania Exchange now! (l)

See the trailer, or get Lagoon now!

Need help getting Lagoon? ManiaPlanet forums is where to direct your support requests.

If you were in the beta, and got Lagoon before May 29, you'll have it free until ManiaPlanet 5 (Source).
90MC continues... posted by   eyebo at 23 May, 2017
fredair says:
90MC is not dead
The next edition will be hosted this Wednesday, 24th of May, 20.00 CEST
We hope to see you!

For more info, check the 90MC topic
ManiaPlanet 4 Official Trailer posted by   eyebo at 22 May, 2017

If you haven't seen the official trailer yet, check it out!

Mania Exchange is even shown!
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