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News Archive
TMGL - Identity Mapping Competition | WIN 30€ posted by   Wirtual at 22 Jan, 2020

Build the best TMGL Identity and get a chance to win 30€ and have your map forwarded directly to Nadeo!
Maps will be judged by 5 TMGL players and the audience watching.

Building Deadline: 29th January 23:59 CET
Competition Results: 2nd February 21:30 CET on

Everything you need to know: Click me!
If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me on Discord: Wirtual#9015
2019 User Choice Awards Results! posted by   PangoLynne at 18 Jan, 2020

Results for the 2019 User Choice Awards have been posted
Thank you to everyone who voted, and a big congratulations to all winners.
A full list of winners, as well as an in-depth spreadsheet of results can be found in this forum post
2019 User Choice Awards posted by   PangoLynne at 01 Jan, 2020

Happy 2020 everyone!

With the new year, it's time to reflect on the one just passed.

The 2019 ManiaExchange User Choice Awards have commenced!
Vote for your favourite tracks, builders and players from the year across 29 different categories.
All information about how to vote, a list of categories, and a link to the voting form can be found in THIS FORUM THREAD
MX Community 2019 - Ocean's Nine posted by    eyebo.wp at 28 Dec, 2019

The ManiaExchange community has completed another collaborative map. Give it a try!
Watch out for falling Stars! posted by   ArkesTM at 16 Dec, 2019

Today, 370 days since the start of the project, the Star campaign returns to Trackmania² !

Indulge yourself in this wonderful trailer made by   ThaumicTom and   Fiah

Download any or all of the 4 new titlepacks in the ManiaPlanet store!
This 4-part collection of a 260 tracks worth campaign was built steadily across 370 days of building, testing and refining among 42 mappers from our one and only MX community. Project lead:   ArkesTM

StarTrack² is sure to surprise you with it's delightful scenery and adrenaline filled gameplay! Go on, get it now!
We hope you enjoy our hard work, and wish you all a Merry Christmas, and a happy new decade.
New 2019 MX Signpack posted by   Ozon at 24 Nov, 2019

Just in time for the end of 2019,   Keissla.wp and   Ozon have created a signpack with the new ManiaExchange logos for most ingame sign formats.

Download · View Images
Christmas Calendar Project'19 - SIGN-UP posted by at 16 Oct, 2019

The sign-up for the Christmas Calendar Project 2k19 opened! Sign up now to be one of the privileged mappers ! You don't know what the CCP is? It works like a Christmas calendar. Every day of December, up to the 25th, a track will be uploaded as a little present. If you want to be part of the project please send a PM to me

Have fun building !;):heart:
MX August Update - TMOne Edition posted by   Ozon at 27 Jul, 2019

TMOne Alpine has been released and some updates have been made ready for its release:
  • Alpine and Speed are now added as official Environments!
  • New PlayLater feature - Bookmark tracks to play later & download as .zip.
  • New mappack search (now just as intuitive as the current track search).
  • Coloured MX Supporter badges, depending on how long you've been supporting us.
  • Track Length search filter, small fixes all around.
We sincerely hope you like the updates! More and more is coming. Please consider supporting us and by that help us to reach the 30 supporter mark (17 supporters as of writing this news post).
Detailed changelog here.
TMOne Alpine - Out Now posted by    MrA at 26 Jul, 2019

15th 90MC Edition ! posted by at 11 Jul, 2019

:done: Be ready for the 15th edition of the 90 MC on Friday July 26th at 8pm ! (CEST ) prepare your editors for way too much fun !:p Hope you'll be there !(y)

What is the 90MC? Here is the forum post with general information!

* Due to the xd race the 90MC is postponed to the 26th
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