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 10 Years of ManiaExchange - Events Announcement
by  Ozon at 15 Jul, 2021  

We are celebrating 10 years of ManiaExchange on August 17th!

We've prepared some special events for you for August & September with a total prizepool of 300 €!
You'll have the chance to play in popular events, such as the BASCO, 90MC, KO and the MTC!

Read more about our events here.

We have prepared another update for the maniaexchange. Highlights:

Read the blog post to get the full changelog.
Fair play is important to us - we want to ensure that our records database is clean of cheated replays. Unfortunately, it's possible that some past records have been cheated without us knowing. We're currently investigating past replays on the sites. That is a tall order, which is why we want to give players the opportunity to assist us in our investigation.

We therefore offer players the chance to privately let the (T)MX crew know about their own cheated replays, and how they were cheated. This could go a long ways towards helping with our investigations on the technical side. In return, we will reduce, or remove, the penalty that would have happened had we found the replays on our own. And we will not share your name with anyone outside the (T)MX crew.

You can message us here. We promise to be nice.

Find links to message us at the other exchanges here. Read our statement regarding the investigations here.
The MX Crew has made a Statement about ongoing replay investigations over on the MX Blog.

Be the star of a brand new mapping project! ManiaExchange & Unbitn are launching the creation of a new solo campaign for TMOne Alpine. That's right! StarTrack² is coming to TMOne Alpine! Join us in creating this new Race campaign! To join, message   ArkesTM on discord.
We hope to see you soon!
This year marks an important milestone for us. We celebrate 10 years of the ManiaExchange network. Forzyy released ManiaExchange for TM² publicly on August 17, 2011. Since then, almost 200,000 maps have been uploaded to MX.

Thanks for supporting MX all these years!

Check this blog post for more about this update.

Watch a video about the update.

1st of January - 14th of January

With the new year passed, now is the chance to look back through what has been achieved as a community.
The 2020 ManiaExchange User Choice Awards have commenced!

Vote for what have been the year's best creations, your favourite builders, the most skilled drivers, and the important community members across 39 categories. Including some new categories for TM2020 as well!

All information about how and where to vote, as well as a list of categories can be found in this forum thread.

I hope you all enjoyed this years Christmas Calendar Project. If you did, then now is the time to show some support for your favourite mappers.

PUBLIC VOTE FORM - please feel free to use this form to vote for your top 3 maps this CCP as well as an honourable mention. Everyone registered on ManiaExchange are allowed to take part, including event mappers (no voting for your own map :d ). Note that the voting closes on midnight January 9th (CET).

The results of the public vote will be combined with the results of the judges panel. The distribution of the prize money (£100 in total!) will be as follows - £30 for 1st, £25 for 2nd, £15 for 3rd plus 3 £10 awards for honourable mentions. All results will be made public at the end of the voting phase.

The hunting competition is still ongoing. To participate you only have to upload replays here to ManiaExchange - no extra registration is necessary. The most consistent and fastest drivers will be rewarded with a generous amount of planets :cool: . Note that the competition ends on midnight January 9th (CET).

  Harest has provided us with 3 servers, to play the CCP maps online with friends. Search for 'CCP' in the server lists (TMAll, ESLComp, TMOneAlpine).

We wish you a happy holiday season and take care! :heart:

  DMW»UD has made some awesome TM2 skins for ManiaExchange. If you've ever wanted to represent your favorite mapping site while playing TM2 Canyon, Valley, Stadium, or Lagoon, grab this pack of skins. Locators are included.

Check the forum post for the download link.
By the community, for the community
A new Trackmania trailer has just dropped! The game launches today at 17:00 CEST!

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