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News Archive
Gamers Assembly 2017 posted by   eyebo at 13 Feb, 2017

Gamers Assembly is looking for new Stadium and Canyon maps.
Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2017.
For full details check this Mania-Actu post or discuss here on MX.
ESL is looking for your Canyon endurance maps! posted by   TheM at 09 Feb, 2017

After the Winter break, the ESL will be organising the Canyon Endurance Premiership 3. In order for them to do so, they're in need of your best Canyon maps! Hopefully you'll have some time to spare in the upcoming month to build them (an) amazing map(s)!

Deadline for submissions: March 12, 2017

All information can be found in the newspost on

You can also discuss about it here on MX.
eSports research posted by   Voyager006 at 13 Oct, 2016
Former TMX MTC host KekX is doing a research project in eSports, and it would be helpful if you could support his team by participating in this survey!

The survey
Thread for discussion (TMX)
MTC News: September madness! posted by   FT»Osaka at 01 Sep, 2016

This is the thing I've teased about on the suggestion thread and on last month's flamecastrophedebacle thread: User   Realspace has been toying around with some scripts and has designed a delightful TM maptype script. And now we want you to make maps in it! Sounds good? Head over to this thread for some info.

As a side note, since he's done all the work of creating the script and the FAQ and compiling the objects that go into the MTC titlepack (reason for this extravaganza in the post itself) he's been granted the status of host this month. Let's see how this guest host thing works.
ESL is looking for YOUR Canyon maps! posted by   TheM at 29 Jul, 2016

After the Summer break, the ESL will be organising the Canyon Solo Premiership 2 and Team Premiership 3. In order for them to do so, they're in need of your best Canyon maps! They hope that you'll have some time to spare in the upcoming month to build them (an) amazing map(s)!

All information can be found on the newspost on If you have any questions regarding requirements, please feel free to use the mailaddress linked in the newspost.
KO POOP 3.5 - Not a sequel (by Ozon) posted by   FT»Osaka at 20 Jul, 2016

Advertisement Poster
Incredible trailer by realspac3

After the recent """success""" of the KO POOP 3 in May, Ozon and Friends decided left-handedly to replay the KO POOP another time. Main reason was that Ozon messed up putting 6 of the 86 maps into the wrong folder and therefore, these weren't played.
At the same time, Ozon gave the community a chance to build maps for this pool to feed the demand for a complete experience.

When should I be there and where?
Friday, the 22nd of July
19h GMT (21h Berlin time)
on the usual MX Knockout server.

If you read this soon enough, you have time until friday 15h GMT to send me a ko poop map, that you wish to be played this evening. Requirements are listed here.

This was all planned one week ago and we hope the spontaneous idea works out well! See you on friday!
MTC Special edition! posted by   FT»Osaka at 08 Jul, 2016

After a few delays, some thought put into it and the fact that it's almost holiday season, I've decided that this month's MTC will be a special edition with what I think is a very interesting theme. Go check it out!

(In that thread: Contest rules and why the hell did I do this)
Another month, another contest. MTC news. posted by   FT»Osaka at 04 Jun, 2016

As you may know already, May MTC results were compiled and presented. Congratulations to   FT»lolig,   Baxy and   fredair.esu for their first, second and third respective places! More about the results on this post.

What you might not know, basically because I just opened it, is that we have a new MTC underway! The theme is quite interesting if I say so myself, go check it out.
KO POOP 3: The return of the poop (Attention: Dank Memes inside) posted by   FT»Osaka at 18 May, 2016

Watch the official video trailers here!
- What is it?
The third edition of the Poopmap driving contest organized by Ozon, SiH and Friends. We play the ordinary Knockout mode on the mx knockout server, but this time with maps that will rustle your jimmies and make you laugh.
- When and Where should I be?
27th of May, 2016. 20:00 GMT (8PM). Bring good mood and friends! If you don't have any (huehue) you get teamspeak IP's and discord invitations after requesting it in the server chat!
- Why should I join?
Three reasons:
1. This video is self-explanatory.
2. You will have a lot of fun, even if you just spectate!
3. This event will be streamed & recorded and put on vimeo youtube!

Join us in the first Maniaplanet edition of the KO POOP and have a good time!
Cheers from the Poop Team (too many to list)
Change of management in MTC, and also new MTC! posted by   FT»Osaka at 05 May, 2016

As those of you around the MTC forums may have read already, haenry is pretty busy with his life right now, so he has handed over the position to whoever wanted it.

That'll be me, and with that being said, I encourage everyone to go check out this month's contest!

Also, we have the results for last month's contest ready for you all to watch. Congrats to everyone involved.
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