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You are listening to Professor Kliq!
You are listening to Professor Kliq!11 Jul, 2017
   eyebo.wp (11 comments, 2560 views)  
We sometimes play games without thinking much about who made the music that sets the stage for it. But music is such an integral part of the experience.

Are you enjoying the TrackMania 2 Lagoon soundtrack? Be sure to give the guy who composed and produced it some love over on his Soundcloud. It was made by none other than Professor Kliq!

Click the album art below to listen. Be sure to like and repost the sets to your followers, and comment on the tracks you enjoyed. And don't forget to click that follow button to keep up with other tracks he releases.

My hope is that Professor Kliq continues to make great music for the TM series.

Can you believe he made it 3 years ago? That's what he revealed in his Facebook post.
My favorite Lagoon OST track is "Ridge Roller". What's yours?

Also check out Professor Kliq's Valley and Stadium soundtracks...

My favorite track from the Valley OST is "Setting". But the entire Valley OST gives me such good vibes. Easily my favorite of the entire TM series. What's your favorite soundtrack?

My favorite track from the Stadium OST is "Hydroplane". What's yours?

You might also remember:
Professor Kliq - Traffic Cars
Used in the TrackMania 2 Canyon Launch Trailer.

The Glide - Ashes (Professor Kliq Remix)
Used in the TrackMania 2 Valley Launch Trailer.
11 comment(s).
  Sparkster writes ... 21, Aug, 2017  
@wormi: The TM Forever Soundtrack has been composed by Doo. ;)
  Harlock writes ... 14, Aug, 2017  
Linkin|Alex says:
Check this:
eyebo has the same link above ^^

Now one of the classic songs related to TM, he said he made this when he was about fifteen years old!

Not very surprising... I mean, I made songs back when I was younger. Still, a great song :d
  Trackmaniadude writes ... 07, Aug, 2017  

  • Valley -Vast Veridian
  • Stadium -Tail Lights

    I don't have Lagoon, but I'd have to say Thunder is probably my favorite after skimming through the tracks (and hearing it on the Lagoon channels).

    BTW, anyone know where the Canyon music came from?
  •   |[X-v]|Slow writes ... 15, Jul, 2017  
    Lagoon - Island Sky, the Menu music,
    Valley - Extra Cologne and
    Stadium - Tail Lights are my favs from these envis.

    I'm still listening gamemusic a lot and one of my alltime fav is the music
    which was made for a game named "Unreal".
    Check it out if you like. The following parts, like the "Return to NaPali" campaign
    and the Multiplayer games "Unreal Tournament" and "Unreal Tournament 2004"
    from the same family, got some awesome tunes too.

    I also made an own track, inspired by exactly the Unreal Soundtrack.;)
      Linkin|Alex writes ... 13, Jul, 2017  
    Check this:
    eyebo has the same link above ^^

    Now one of the classic songs related to TM, he said he made this when he was about fifteen years old!
      Thrawn«¦ writes ... 12, Jul, 2017  
    I recently randomly found out about Mick Gordon (he also did the excellent DOOM, Wolfenstein and Prey soundtracks) being involved with ShootMania. Very cool!

    Also I agree that Professor Kliq did an amazing job on Valley, Stadium and Lagoon(l)
       eyebo.wp writes ... 12, Jul, 2017  
    While on the topic of music...

    Mick Gordon, the Australian producer who has done music for Need For Speed and Battlefield 4, also made some of the music for ShootMania Storm, as well as the ManiaPlanet Menu Theme.
       eyebo.wp writes ... 12, Jul, 2017  
    Thanks for the comments. :)

    wormi, Professor Kliq didn't do the TMUF/TMNF music. That was Doo.

    I'm pretty sure the Canyon music was made by some folks at Ubisoft. I might be wrong on that.
      qqlele writes ... 11, Jul, 2017  
    Valley tracks were the best also Canyon imo, Lagoon not so much my taste.
    Pr Kliq is great artist.(l)
      wormi writes ... 11, Jul, 2017  
    Didn't Kliq also make TM Forever soundtrack? But TMS and other games there were other artists.
      Sparkster writes ... 11, Jul, 2017  
    I, personally, love the whole Lagoon OST. "Ridge Roller" is perfect for some workout things.:d xD
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