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Username :   |[X-v]|Slow (14483)
Registered : Sunday, December 14, 2014 (1680 days ago)
Website : (Website not specified)
Location : Germany 
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User Comments
My Speedy;)
... not much letters are left for 5000:@:|


let me add a few words about me.
I was built in 1966. Nevertheless, I feel myself like a young mind inside
a little bit rusty cover.;)
I got a big family with lots of kids, so its kinda normal to play with cars.
Not ?!:p

I am using a controller to hunt all your amazing maps and I play everything with
cam 3 - the "bumpercam".
I can't drive the other cams. To me it feels a bit ... erm "wrong".:d

You don't find me playing online. It's because I need more time to learn some
tracks. Mostly, 5 minutes are not enough to get a first clean run. So it's a little bit
frustrating to me. But I got a huge amount of endurance. If there is a map I love
I can easily spend a few hours on it to reach a good time.

And a last, general note about me. I'm always a friendly guy and it's quite easier
to ignore someone strange, instead of talking to him over hours.;)

And please excuse my bumpy english. I've left school since decades:p;)

HF ... always


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

My chronological listed maps:
(latest on top of the list)

... Slow's|>LOL<|008

... Slow's|>LOL<|007

... Slow's|>LOL<|006
And there it is, the slope which was the base
for my "Decibel" map. Pretty tight line, a niiiice(l)
upward drift into a tunnel, with a final straight line into the
finish, where you "crash your car spectacular". XD:d

... Slow's|>LOL<|005
Quite an easy map but accidently well "calculated" :cool:;)
You can't drive the first and second turns tight, because you fail
the 2nd jump by the lack of speed. Play around and have a look
for other "stuff":p

... Decibel
The idea was born while "Playing with blocks",
to create my Slow's|>LOL<|006 map.
My first Tutorial GPS and a very short story is used
for the intro. Melodic Hardstyle music as cherry on the
cake. A MUST HAVE musicstyle 4 me.

... [RuBBERDuCK]=Rub.b.b.erizeD=
A new kind of how to drive a map, was the
idea behind. This map is used for a little
competition. Drive the map COMPLETELY
with brakes on. Totally funny.:d
Get a preview here.
Don't miss riolu's first try.
He did it live in his Twitch channel(l)

... InToXicAtIÔn
A coulourful map with an easy route
on narrow and dirt narrow roads.
Click for my "colourful" intro :d

... Slow's|>LOL<|003
An easy training map to slide precisely
around and through checkpoints.

Inspired by my buddy fred, I wanted something "tricky" in my map.
So I've added a nice ( (l):@ ) flip 4 the finishjump.
Also and again a nice intro and in addition
the GPS clip, which probably NO ONE has watched till the end^^:o;)

... ~Flooded~
a common project with astroman.
The MT work is completly made by me.
Please read the track description for more details about
this map. :)
Check out the intro and
as a little appetizer - together with some buddies. Click:cool:

... DisTurbiA
something very special for me because
I've spent so much time for the intro.
I love it soo much.:d
Have a look at my intro.

... my very first MTC track for the given theme
"Make us laugh!".

... a very, VERY short "LOL" map.

... an awesome collective track, where I've built the highspeed drop,
the wall and the podium.

... my 2nd "normal" map. ;)

... my very first MX map with an intro 8-|

- - - - - - - - - -
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