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Fun07 Sep, 2013
   eyebo.wp (18 comments, 5310 views)  
Such a short word, isn't it? :d

Doesn't it immediately make you happy though? It has such promise!

"Let's have some fun!"

"Oh, what fun there is to be had!"

"We're here to have fun!"

What is fun?

It's enjoyment, amusement, lighthearted pleasure.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I personally enjoy video games because they're fun.

When a game stops being fun, I'm inclined to stop.

Yes, sometimes there's momentary frustration, but I always fall back on that word.

If, in the overall sense, the fun is gone, then it's over. It's done. It doesn't matter how much time or effort I've put into it in the past. It's a moot point. It's time to move on.

No, I haven't stopped having fun, yet. Sometimes I wish I had. :p

But, it seems that some people have stopped having fun. Some people are so frustrated and hateful at the game, or other players, that they try to ruin the fun for other people. Is it selfish? Maybe. Is it sad? Definitely.

We can only try to not let them ruin... our fun.:cool:
18 comment(s).
  bcs'VividReamer writes ... 02, Dec, 2013  
the fun is good.. and competition is also good.. It is possible to have both here, provided we
remember to not take this all too seriously.. or maybe the fun will not be there for us.
Those who have been here many years will know the value of our online community, and the
importance of mutual respect for other players etc, if this remains then so will the fun (i hope)
there should be no place for hate here - ever
  tOMME writes ... 22, Sep, 2013  
I hope you have fun guys, and that your fun will persist. For my sake, Nadeo took my fun away long time ago. I loved this game very much - but it was neglected by its creator...
  Hans Holo writes ... 10, Sep, 2013  
As soon as my computer is fixed, you'll see me rushing through the canyons, laughíng and enjoying beeing fast and alive...

@tcq and all others: In my eyes Play Pal Online has always been the place to find the most high-quality maps.
(There are for sure some good/better servers I've never been to.)
So builders and drivers: join PPO! for improving your experience.
  tcq writes ... 09, Sep, 2013  
To be honest, this fits exactly my feelings at the moment.
I was so frustrated with valley yesterday after playing on the only populated server (Maniacs) and only maps were played that in my definition would not even deserved to be called maps. Then I joined the PPO and instantly found some kind of relive as it looked like there was still some of the old charm left that once made TM so awesome. Joining a server, having people there who talk in a nice way (thanks for this Ville) and overall quite funny maps.
Maybe I'm on the way to find the fun with this game again. We will see. At least, thank you for this nice post eybeo as a reminder what this game is all about.
  FT»Mandark writes ... 08, Sep, 2013  

(hey, it was for fun!)
  wormi writes ... 08, Sep, 2013  
Funny how funny this fun-blog is.
  XCaliber writes ... 08, Sep, 2013  
   Tuta writes ... 08, Sep, 2013  
  ymce writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
Thrawn says:

I will never loose my "Fun" with this game and - also a result of fun - my love for it ;)

Thanks Thrawn! I borrow me your words -(y)
I love the game, this community and the fun with both! -(l)
I am 55 Old, and i hope we all have also next 20 years this fun -:p

best wishes
  doppler writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
Yes, thanks for the reminder. Without fun there is no point...(y):cool:
  Thrawn«¦ writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
I totally agree with you eyebo. Fun is the key element in everything we do in life - sports, freetime activities and also video games.

But fun is only the first of many steps. It lets you admire and appreciate and most importantly come back after some time.

I will never loose my "Fun" with this game and - also a result of fun - my love for it ;)

So cheer up and smile :d
  gado writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
Voyager006 says:
It's just a game :p

a game that is supposed to make ppl have fun (l)
  Voyager006 writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
It's just a game :p
  nervousWillow writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
A timely reminder, Eyebo.(l)
   eyebo.wp writes ... 07, Sep, 2013  
We love you too Kata ;) Hope you can get the fun back! (l)
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