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PF-Possible Tracks04 Dec, 2012
  Hans Holo (15 comments, 1259 views) 

on my latest track I might have done something that has not been done before: a track that can be finished by pressing forward, but also has a raceline (that is faster than the pf, of course).

Does anyone know about any other tracks like this?

I would like to play them and feature them on this blog.
I'm not talking about PFs that can be cut, or tracks that can accidentally be finished by scratching at the borders throughout the track, but trac...

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not Star Wars, Eile, literature & subliminal track...02 Oct, 2012
  Hans Holo (8 comments, 2176 views) 
Man, how do I start this…?
This post is about the process of building and finding a name, for my last two tracks.

I started with the PF when building Imperium (of course). While building the 10-20 sec. after the start, I realized that it looked a bit like pillars from the Roman Empire. You might say I have a colorful imagination… Then I thought: “OK, take this as a theme.” And I built the track under this condition. The pillars, the ranks, etc. gave me the f...

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Fullspeed versus Tech14 May, 2012
  Hans Holo (4 comments, 876 views) 
I've always been a lover of fullspeed. Not only in Trackmania, there's a straight line starting at (let's say) Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on Amiga to TMUF.
The main reason might be, that I like the feeling of speed (who doesn't). And of course I don't like to crash, what's more likely when you have to break to get around bends. There's been a short period where I prefered tech-tracks; namely the Scramble-Mode of the game Rollcage and the most crazy tracks at th...

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5500 Planets & a building advice14 Mar, 2012
  Hans Holo (5 comments, 1921 views) 
Hi there,

hm, so this is a blog. I've never written one before. So what do I write?
I can tell something official, the personal story of my track and give a little advice for (new) trackbuilders, to give this any relevance.

I've started a contest on my new track:


500 Planets...

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