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1000 Planets added on my map : »King Crab19 Feb, 2013
   aleph0 (10 comments, 1750 views) 
Hi all,

I did this map one year ago but nobody posted an offline record on it. I want to fix this with this little competition.

1000 Planets added divided into 3 parts for the 3 best offline records :

1) 500 Planets
2) 300 Planets
3) 200 Planets

Deadline : 01.03.2013

Have fun on it !(y)

an nice BMX44 Tech-Cup we started on 19th oct 20 Oct, 2012
  SpeedRacer (0 comments, 1403 views) 
and now the lolzone-clan make an nice BMX44 Tech-Cup
look here for more information :-w
Here are the WINNERS of the INSOMNIA EASTER EVENT!10 Apr, 2012
  German INSOMNIA Clan (3 comments, 873 views) 

The EASTER EVENT of the INSOMNIA CLAN is over and the winners are announced!


:award::award::award: Click here to see all details and to check if and how much you have won! :award::award::award:

We hope you had fun and will also participate at our next event coming soon!:done:

5500 Planets & a building advice14 Mar, 2012
  Hans Holo (5 comments, 1924 views) 
Hi there,

hm, so this is a blog. I've never written one before. So what do I write?
I can tell something official, the personal story of my track and give a little advice for (new) trackbuilders, to give this any relevance.

I've started a contest on my new track:


500 Planets...

Read More
Only 1 month left! ... INSOMNIA EASTER EVENT (10.0...10 Mar, 2012
  German INSOMNIA Clan (0 comments, 824 views) 

Reminder: Only 1 month left! But you can still enter the TOP50-Playtime at our server very easily (only 5+ hours). So it is still a good chance to win and start participating in our EASTER event!

Click here to read the detailed blog post about this event!(y)
Win planets for top 3 replays. DEADLINE: CLOSED10 Mar, 2012
  kamakaze (2 comments, 1545 views) 
Yo Guys!

Here is a chance for 3 players to win some planets and for the winner to get a showcase in my next map. Just try and get the fastest time and upload your replay by Tuesday 13th March. If you like or dislike the map, id also love some feedback. Thanks :)

1st Prize :gold:
3000 Planets + Showcase

2nd Prize :silver:
2000 Planets

3rd Prize :bronze:
1000 Planets

Fullspeed Hunter #1 | 2000 planets to win!06 Mar, 2012
  C4Freak (0 comments, 1700 views) 
Yo guys, here is the first track of my upcoming hunter- series. I added a competition with 2000 planets to win. Good luck and have fun!


The first one who beats my at (34.03) will get 800 coppers
The best replay will get 500 planets.
The 2nd place 400.
The 3rd place 300.
Deadline is the 13.03.2012 So have fun hunting and upload you personal bests (:
Yust leave your login at the commenst section please (:

JamPipes winners are determined!28 Feb, 2012
  A.n.d.y. B. (2 comments, 1606 views) 
Hello MX!
Today I declare the results of the competition for the best JamPipes replay.

Just want to thank everyone who has downloaded the JamPipes map and though he tried to pass. All the replays it was very interesting to watch! Some attempts to contain many respawns and similar to walkthrough the RPG map. Such attempts sometimes looks very fun!

Read More
Planets for the best replays! 'JamPipes'20 Feb, 2012
  A.n.d.y. B. (1 comments, 1887 views) 
Hello MX!

I would like to see more replays on my JamPipes map. Maybe this track is too big and too long, as some players are rightly noticed, but I'll be very glad to see your fast and clean ride through all the trials to the finish!

Therefore, I announce a competition for the best JamPipes replay with a prize fund of 3000 planets, which will last one week (until February 28, 2012). Seven days for training to improve your record and send your best replay!<...

Read More
MTC - A new Dawn | 1500 planets to win18 Feb, 2012
  C4Freak (3 comments, 1763 views) 
Hey guys,
here is my first MTC submission. It is a fast fullspeeder which is about 43 seconds long and I added a competition for you to win some planets. Hope you like it and leave a replay. The mt-work is my best so far, if you like it please give me some feedback. Here is the competition:
:gold: 500 planets
:silver:300 planets
:bronze: 200 planets
Deadline is the 25.02.2012 So have fun hunting and upload you pb's (:
The first who beats my pb 43.84 will get 500 plantes.
Just leave your login at the comments section then.
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