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Location: Home  Blogs  Win planets for top 3 replays. DEADLINE: CLOSED 
Win planets for top 3 replays. DEADLINE: CLOSED
Win planets for top 3 replays. DEADLINE: CLOSED10 Mar, 2012
  kamakaze (2 comments, 1410 views)  
Yo Guys!

Here is a chance for 3 players to win some planets and for the winner to get a showcase in my next map. Just try and get the fastest time and upload your replay by Tuesday 13th March. If you like or dislike the map, id also love some feedback. Thanks :)

1st Prize :gold:
3000 Planets + Showcase

2nd Prize :silver:
2000 Planets

3rd Prize :bronze:
1000 Planets

2 comment(s).
  kamakaze writes ... 16, Mar, 2012  
Elystix, I need to have your login to send coppers. Thanks :)
  kamakaze writes ... 13, Mar, 2012  
And here are the results!

:gold: 1st place

:silver: 2nd place

:bronze: 3rd place

If I could please have all of your logins, I will send the coppers.

As Dawid doesn't have any maps, Ill add Funky's latest map for the showcase.
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