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Location: Home  Blogs  MTC - A new Dawn | 1500 planets to win 
MTC - A new Dawn | 1500 planets to win
MTC - A new Dawn | 1500 planets to win18 Feb, 2012
  C4Freak (3 comments, 1736 views)  
Hey guys,
here is my first MTC submission. It is a fast fullspeeder which is about 43 seconds long and I added a competition for you to win some planets. Hope you like it and leave a replay. The mt-work is my best so far, if you like it please give me some feedback. Here is the competition:
:gold: 500 planets
:silver:300 planets
:bronze: 200 planets
Deadline is the 25.02.2012 So have fun hunting and upload you pb's (:
The first who beats my pb 43.84 will get 500 plantes.
Just leave your login at the comments section then.
3 comment(s).
  C4Freak writes ... 20, Feb, 2012  
There was a cut, so I updated the track now, please upload new replays and everything will happen like it wrote it a the compo ;)
Thanks for your appreciation.
Greetz Freak
   MrA writes ... 19, Feb, 2012  
Well, the screenshot certainly is very nice, it makes me want to try it out!
  tOMME writes ... 18, Feb, 2012  
Uploaded first beat of your 43.84 time.
Username: rodabullen
Nickname: tOMME

Another great map from you. Keep them coming:)
Loved hunting it.
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