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JamPipes winners are determined!
JamPipes winners are determined!28 Feb, 2012
  A.n.d.y. B. (2 comments, 1568 views)  
Hello MX!
Today I declare the results of the competition for the best JamPipes replay.

Just want to thank everyone who has downloaded the JamPipes map and though he tried to pass. All the replays it was very interesting to watch! Some attempts to contain many respawns and similar to walkthrough the RPG map. Such attempts sometimes looks very fun!

As expected, the best replays were published on the penultimate and last days of competition. From watching these rides sometimes breathtaking! Risky and fast path to save valuable milliseconds, stage by stage.
Thanks guys, you make me very pleased! (y)

The results of the competition:

:gold: 1st place - tOMME with a time 03:14.806 won the 1500 planets.
:silver: 2nd place - Tetsuo IronMan with a time 03:15.765 won the 1000 planets.
:bronze: 3rd place - Zooty with a time 04:37.269 won the 500 planets.

Congratulations to the winners!
Check your private messages to get your prizes. :cool:

February, 28, 2012.
A.n.d.y. B.
2 comment(s).
  Zooty writes ... 01, Mar, 2012  
That was FUN :d
  tOMME writes ... 28, Feb, 2012  
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