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Classic Missions from tmx (Escape the prison by an...22 Jan, 2014
  fab'm (2 comments, 1938 views) 
Escape the Prison by Andree
08 jul 2005

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v.neck's new blocks review23 Jun, 2013
  v.neck (15 comments, 2380 views) 
Hey peoples

and welcome to a TM2 Staidum - NEW BLOCKS !!! review done by v.neck. In this review I will cover pretty much every single of the new added blocks, their viability on modern (FS) tracks and give my very personal opinion on it. Now, this might come up a bit prematurely, since I haven't even built a legit track out of those new blocks yet, but I spent my last day and a half well testing and...

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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#13]18 May, 2013
  arzgaa (9 comments, 1583 views) 
Well well well....

It's that time of the year again. (right? )
I'm back with another edition of my journey through the depths of this site.

First of all I'd like to make small kind of an apology about "leaving" this stuff for a long long time without saying anything. I've been busy with school and entrance exams to music schools...

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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#12]10 Nov, 2012
  arzgaa (12 comments, 1687 views) 

Just earlier today I went to the movies to see the latest James Bond film, 007 Skyfall. It was very, hmm, James Bondy
It was cool, the best Daniel Craig-bond so far. I liked. It was also over 2 hours long. I'm not complaining, time was flying. I just felt like saying it.


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arzgaa's Random Seriousness of the Day [#11]05 Nov, 2012
  arzgaa (12 comments, 1660 views) 
Well, well, well...

We meet again. And guess what? Today I'm serious, seriously. And now that I am serious like I always am, I want to discuss this one topic that really needs some change. I've already said something about this before, but I'm going to have to say this again.

It's about you my dear community, so you had better listen....... Carefully....

Here's the deal. This site is...

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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #1003 Nov, 2012
  arzgaa (9 comments, 1550 views) 
Hey there!

Today we're having another meal of randomness, this time in the form of a multilaptrack.
First I have to ask for your help though. I'm having an issue with playing trackmania 2 online. Everytime I play online, I keep getting these small lagspikes every 5-15 seconds. I've googled it, no help. I've checked my game settings and they seemed allright...

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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #930 Oct, 2012
  arzgaa (4 comments, 1488 views) 

Good evening guys.

Damn, my fingers are all sore from playing the bass so intensely and so much for the last couple of days
But no fear. I'm not playing today so I won't be bringing you a random trackyblogythingy...

Ehh. This just doesn't work, you know I will do it when you see the text under the last sentence
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Rethinking Mania Exchange - Improved Lists29 Oct, 2012
  Forzyy (11 comments, 1901 views) 
The traditional (and current) way of displaying tracks is in a list format. Row by row, you're presented with information about a track or map. While simple and convenient, the amount of information presented is confined to a small space on the page. This results in possible trimmings of map names and user names, and other information of vast importance being left out.

Over time I've tried to improve list readability from TMX to MX. Changing the icons, adding an improved scree...

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arzgaa's Random Return of the Day #827 Oct, 2012
  arzgaa (2 comments, 1526 views) 
......I'm Back!

Some would ask, where have you been? (I might also be dreaming, who'd really want to know what I was doing? )
Well, honestly, I...

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Rethinking Mania Exchange - Going Modern27 Oct, 2012
  Forzyy (7 comments, 1598 views) 
This is a brief introductory blog entry for a new blog series I'd like to pursue.

For the past year on a monthly basis, I've been mocking up possible site designs to replace the current one. I've never been able to mock up something worthy of putting to production. But not this month - this month I think I'm on to something.

Rethinking Mania Exchange rMX (remi...

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