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Location: Home  Blogs  arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#13] 
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#13]
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#13]18 May, 2013
  arzgaa (9 comments, 1566 views)  
Well well well....

It's that time of the year again. (right? :d )
I'm back with another edition of my journey through the depths of this site.

First of all I'd like to make small kind of an apology about "leaving" this stuff for a long long time without saying anything. I've been busy with school and entrance exams to music schools and running this blog kind of fell apart in the sense of having time to keep it up :p

Anyways, let's get to the first random track of the day of the 2013 (and look at that, what a coincidence the blog is #13 :d )


I clicked the random track button with great interest, not having done it in about 6 months and it felt good to get back with the game.

Project Lol #10 by junkie

A lol track.

Well that's a relief, in a sense. The track turned out to be everything else but what it seems to be though.
I started the track and had no idea where to go or what to do. And no it's not that I haven't played the game and having forgot everything there is to this game, what I have to do and what the controls are. :p The thing is, the track is unclear as heck. (ain't all the lol's at worst? :p ) It starts with a jump, that's the easy part. But once you're in the air, everything get's all over the place. You've got to (or not) use the airbrake to land the car and from there on you're going to have to make your way throught 2 on air checkpoints. And how to reach them you ask? I have no idea. But what I do know, if you do reach them both and even finish the track, go do the lottery today. (It's your lucky day)

But seriously. It took me over an hour to finish the track and even then, my time was + 50 secs. Call that online fun and I'll get you a happy depressed person.
Here's how I looked like when I was playing the track:

1st run:(brb)
5th run::-w
30th run: :-w ( :@ on the inside)
+1h: :-w

My feelings about this track are undescribeable. But I can assure you that this track definitely isn't "lot of laugh". It should be something like "Project WTF #10" or "Project DNLOL #10" (=Definitely-not-lol). I'm no lol-expert but as far as I know they are made for fun and fast-paced online racing action. This track fits into neither one of those boots. Learning time of over an hour with no gps or sings in the track and you should be finishing it online in 3 min? Seems legit.
Also, my first finished time beat the author time. Hm, don't know if even the author has any idea about his track :p

In any case, if nothing else positive, I sure did get that feeling of true courage and strength for enduring through and finishing the track;)

If you're feeling down and want to bang your head onto a wall, please, be my guest and go and try finish the track. If you're not and you're still feeling you want to give it a go, do take note, you're doing it on your own and I'm not resposible for any consequences this might cause. But seriously, go beat my world record of the track and do the regular stuff!
It's good to be back, but I'm out!

P.S. Who's going to start the genre of "WTF-Tracks"? :d

P.S.S. The song that's kept me busy for the past many months, my entrance exam song I learned for bass: Pekka Pohjola - Vapour Trails
9 comment(s).
  junkie writes ... 19, Jun, 2013  
Hello, I'm the one who made that track and I didn't like it much decide to put it up anyway and kinda forget about it.
Quite funny that you randomize one of my badest track. Still happy to have been feature by chance.

  arzgaa writes ... 20, May, 2013  
Great to still have ya around Elissar ;)
  Elissar writes ... 20, May, 2013  
Nice to see a new post from you. Always fun to read:) !
  arzgaa writes ... 19, May, 2013  
Dayum man, great instrument you've picked up there :d Yeah, I think the test went well, it felt good. The results I get to know in the start of june, until then :p
And who cares if girls go for the guitarists, I'm playing the bass for Music;)
  Hans Holo writes ... 19, May, 2013  
Bass? Seriously? The girls always go for the guitar-player... ;)

Was your test a success?

(I play bass, too)

  arzgaa writes ... 19, May, 2013  
:d allright, glad to hear ya like it ;) You never know whose track it's gonna be the next time, so yeah, could be yours ;)
And yeah, I think I learned the bassline pretty much spot on and I felt good about it in the entrance exams, so I suppose I can play it =p I'm probably going to make my next bass cover about that one, if ya like check my youtube channel out (here) ;)
  Taronium writes ... 19, May, 2013  
I'm sure the WTF style would fill up quickly...uhm...if other people would post tracks of such authors, of course. :p
Well worth a proposal, though!(y)

Nice post, though, makes me hope to have one of mine land at random in your lap.:d


PS: Holy crap, can you play that bass? VERY NEAT!!! I used to make songs with a bit more love for the bass, but pop really treats it a bit like a slaving stepchild.:| ...oddly enough, my old C64 tunes had rather intricate bass lines. Inspiring, for sure! THANKS! (brb)
  arzgaa writes ... 18, May, 2013  
Thanks mate ;)
  XT»Marti writes ... 18, May, 2013  
Id give it a like if I could ;) Nice read.
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