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Location: Home  Blogs  arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#12] 
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#12]
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#12]10 Nov, 2012
  arzgaa (12 comments, 1667 views)  

Just earlier today I went to the movies to see the latest James Bond film, 007 Skyfall. It was very, hmm, James Bondy :p
It was cool, the best Daniel Craig-bond so far. I liked. It was also over 2 hours long. I'm not complaining, time was flying. I just felt like saying it.


When it comes to the track I drove today, it's not quite like the movie. This didn't have too much action, pretty much almost not at all. It's not exactly as long as the film either, it's only 20 seconds. And this brings me to another thing.

The world is probably going to end, pigs are flying, grass is going to turn purple and all the bananas around the world will turn into something so complex only the brain of a donut can understand it. It's that serious. Today when I clicked the random track button, what were the odds that out comes something I could compare to a miracle.

1. The track has a screenshot. I know I've been rather lucky with them (tracks with screenshots) before but it's not exactly the most likely thing to happen with the random track feature.
2. This is scary. The length is short. I had pretty much forgotten that there are tracks like this. I mean, is it even legal to put a finishline at 20 seconds? :| All the tracks I've had lately have been something like 5 minutes long shorties. Shorties... Right.

Allright. When I collected my pieces off the floor and got myself back together, I checked this monstrosity out. It actually turned out to be a nice little, cute and adorable piece of an online racing shorty. The thing is, it's built for online, it works online. But racing it alone was awful. The track isn't bad don't get me wrong, it's just that there isn't anything I'd say "WHOAHAWHOLYYYYWHATISTHATTHING :o" to. I didn't have too much fun, even though it had me hunting a good time for a while.

It's refreshing to get a random track that actually has one award and some replays on it already. I don't think it's happened to me so far :p It definitely doesn't mean that you shouldn't do the stuff though ;) Go check it out, and do the classic procedure. :done: It's a short track and so is my blog today;)
It's all good, see ya next time=p

P.S. The song for today is short as well ,but it's packed with positivity :p Just brilliant. Hans Zimmer - Fort Walton - Kansas
12 comment(s).
  arzgaa writes ... 23, May, 2013  
Never say never right? ;)
  SPIDER writes ... 23, May, 2013  
About the end of the world it makes me scared a few times every time some one say it and the funniest think with this is that they put a time date and even time on the end of the world - time i relative - its an invention of the human or maybe the ape , but hey we are apes or some kind of creature anyway so lets say the human invented the time,
and don´t talk about the unvoidable ? why ? ! :s becouse its unvoidable when it happends it happends and why should we be terrified about it and write about it in every paper and broadcast on tv and stuff - just let it be like justin bieber would have said=p now he is mean to justin bieber again.:@ noo i´m not - iam just making fun of him and i don´t care he is a good person like most of us, i think:$ wow what a turn i did in my post from justin to the dooms day or if it was the other way around - never mind, that is history - i think its been 30 sec or something since i wrote that stuff about someone i don´t even know, so everyone let´s forget about the end of world its like the relativity theory - ohh i mean, it´s like the time - it don´t exist so let justin be and,,, umm i mean let the end of world be - we cant do anything about it, when it happend it happends. so let it be OKEY(y)
  arzgaa writes ... 22, Nov, 2012  
thanks man I appreciate it! :)
I haven't had the time in a while but I'll be making a new one prob by the end of the week ;)
  doppler writes ... 21, Nov, 2012  
Well, I appreciate your effort arzgaa! It's always fun to read your postings, keep it up!(y)
  arzgaa writes ... 18, Nov, 2012  
I once posted my food in one of these :p I wouldn't say it's purely my feedback about the track though. These are also for entertainment and fun but still including the things I have to say about the tracks :p
  gado writes ... 18, Nov, 2012  
Okay.. 8-|
so it's something like your feedback of some track for all... :s
btw.... do you post your food too? :p
  arzgaa writes ... 18, Nov, 2012  
I've had these blog posts going on for a while. My idea has been to pick the first random track that comes up (when using the random track feature) and making a blog post about it. This track happened to be the random track this time, something else will (obviously8-| ) be next time. Which will be soon I'd say.
  gado writes ... 18, Nov, 2012  
why these posts for a simple track?!
  arzgaa writes ... 12, Nov, 2012  
Yeah minato :d
Seriously I appreciate it guys ;)
  Minato writes ... 12, Nov, 2012  
arzgaa says:
...pigs are flying, grass is going to turn purple and all the bananas around the world will turn into something so complex only the brain of a donut can understand it.

Hahaha, dude, seriously... :d
  Hans Holo writes ... 12, Nov, 2012  
  XT»Marti writes ... 10, Nov, 2012  
(y) love that music btw ;) keep it coming!
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