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Location: Home  Blogs  arzgaa's Random Return of the Day #8 
arzgaa's Random Return of the Day #8
arzgaa's Random Return of the Day #827 Oct, 2012
  arzgaa (2 comments, 1506 views)  
......I'm Back! =p

Some would ask, where have you been? :-w (I might also be dreaming, who'd really want to know what I was doing? :| )
Well, honestly, I kind of lost my interest in the game for a while (bloody amd drivers), I had a new school to start in and I just didn't have the time.

But the drivers are no longer a problem and I'm happy to be back with you guys :)
And now it is time for me to present you my eighth "random track of the day" :o

And here we go, straight off topic... I just want to talk about one thing that's come up in conversations here and made me really think about stuff. The originality of tracks. It indeed is a problem that the same guys who've been dominating the award charts for the past few years are pretty much controlling the mainstream ideas in tracks. Not intentionally of course but people tend to keep awarding the same guys they like and never try new stuff which leads to the fact that the same far-from original ideas keep rolling all over the site again and again. Recycling is good yeah, but umm not really the nicest thing to do here. :-w It stops the fresh ideas from getting the attention they deserve. And when fresh ideas don't get noted, they don't get to inspire people who would then proceed to bring even more fresh ideas to the scene.
So therefore I ask everyone of you to drive tracks by authors you've never heard of. Check the latest tracks or use the brilliant function that we didn't have in the earlier Mx's: the Random Track button. I love not having the difficulty of choice over what track should I pick and drive next.(l)Freshness, here we come!


That's enough with the serious business for now, let's get on with it and head for the randomness ----->

Well then, Hmm, first of all, I seem to be damn lucky getting tracks with screenshots O.o It's supposed to be the other way around judging by the probabilities8-| .
Anyways the truth is, even with somewhat a good screenshot, at first I didn't feel too cool about this track. The name might have something to do with it, "Tm-canyon 1- Night" (not to mention the author name: "PLRLCX lolkoskroko3075207-something"=p )... Seriously? It would've been the same thing to name the track "race_track" or anything else of the most-used tracknames here. :p

But when I got to drive the track, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be :p It has a cool intro with a camera flying all over the place and then it's straight off racing. I liked the start with all the curvy curves and the tight hilly-turn to the right. Then there is this not-the-smoothest but flowing wallride thingy. Quite a fun track to drive around, most of the time that is...

What I didn't really like is end of the track. There is this hellishly tight curve that comes up and messes up the flow which leads to the finish. Also, who on earth builds a race track with a steely thingy sticking through the road. (yeah there's some mixing here, no worries though, it works quite well)

The scenery is something I'm not sure whether to feel mad or happy about. It's a bit messy and scary at times, on the other hand it looks somewhat good in some places. It's nothing mindblowing though, I'm having trouble memorizing the scenery on the spot:$

Now now, I want you to do the thing that keeps this site worthy of keeping it up and running. Go download the track, defeat the whatever-his-names-was's author time ( I couldn't beat it = he's the fastest driver ever8-| ) and transfer the thoughts in your head (related to this track please, we don't want any of your dirty secrets:-w ) into the form of text preferably in the award or comment box of the track. Don't forget to upload your kick ass time btw :p

That's it for now, hope you enjoyed, I appreciate your time and see ya next time ;)

P.S. The not-so random song related to this post could be this one: Meja - All 'Bout the Money
Sorry, the catchy chorus has been playing in my head all day:s

P.S.S. I'd really appreciate what you think about this stuff I do. All the constructive critisism is highly appreciated. All I'm trying to do is to make it more enjoyable to You ;)
2 comment(s).
  arzgaa writes ... 27, Oct, 2012  
Great to hear that you like it =)

Yeah, I feel you, I was thinking afterwards that I might have been a bit blunt with my words. My intention was more to present the problem rather than say that "everyone in the botw is a recycler" or something like that. You have a valid point and I guess that's what I was looking for as well. Even though some people might award tracks just because of the author, the really good mappers usually bring something original with every new track they build, therefore making the track worthy of it's place in the botw.

And I pretty much agree on the hardness of creating fresh ideas for a track and actually placing it well. A brilliant idea in a wrong place can ruin the complete feel of it.
  XT»Marti writes ... 27, Oct, 2012  
First of all: love that you're doing this again, great blog idea and nice reading! (y)

Still, I don't fully agree with your point about the 'freshness' of awarded tracks nowadays: of course there are those mappers that just get awards because it'sthem. But there are mappers, like Enai, lolig, Falkers, (me?), Haenry, etc. often try to introduce new ideas into our tracks, and do get a fair amount of awards.
The main problem with introducing e.g. a new transition, is that it has to fit Perfectly into your track if you want to catch people's attention. That's hard and I think there's a lot of inventive people out there that create splendid 'newishness', but don't get the attention they deserve because they have trouble implementing them in a fun track. Maybe I just think to much. :)

Anyway, please continue this series, I very much appreciate what you're doing ;)
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