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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #5
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #5 24 May, 2012
 arzgaa (0 comments, 956 views)  

First and foremost I'd like to apologize for being about 24 hours late from the "scheduled" release, but yesterday I was busy eating kebab and watching the Men In Black 3 with my cousin (y) It was excellent, If you've seen the earlier MIBs and liked them I recommend you'd go watch the 3rd (go see it even if you didn't like the eariler ones :-w ) It fullfills the series, completes them :p Ahh here we go again, we're supposed to be going through my experience on the random track and here I'm selling this blockbuster to the world :| Who cares, as from now on, I'll be making a blog about random movies."arzgaa's random..." no no no, it sounds bad even in my head. Forget it, let's keep it this way 8-|


Once again I was saved from the ridiculous possibility of getting a RPG track. And how big of a relief it was :|
The track of the day. I have no idea what it is. But this track made me feel odd :s I can't point it out what it is, but driving this track was rather "extraordinary", that it just felt like something I've never driven before. And what's even stranger, the track isn't that great, yes I awarded it, but it's literally sitting on the edge of not getting one. It just barely got my award (true, it's as much of an award as every other award) but somewhere, deep down inside me, I know, there's something odd here. And no it's not the blockmixing either O.o I'm confused. This is seriously new, no track has awaken such "emotions" in me except the rage when you faceplant into a wall in the second last corner when running a perfect time. :@ Or the tiny little lag spikes I get every once in a 15-20 seconds when sometimes playing online. :@ Maybe the author has built this track with such strong feelings towards the track that he's been able to deliver it to my end O.o Who knows :p

The track is rather fun to drive. :p The flow is decent, even though a couple of "boring" and not-so-well-working parts there are. Also the second jump quite funny is (in my humble opinion). Having fun the biggest thing is, as well as talking like a 900 year old jedi master does, very fun indeed is. But in all the seriousness, the track has some blockmixing, nothing harsh, it works well in the track. The finish is just neat, driving into a ****** (you'll never know unless you drive the track ;) ) Looks definitely cool. :cool: The scenery is decent, now I don't know wether there is a small thingy of a mod here or not. The track description page says it doesn't. :| Either I'm right and there is, or I've driven a horribly small amount of tracks with a sunset mood :-w Hmmh. Either way, the time has come for me to drive into the sunset and give you these little parting words: Until next time my friends. You, check the track out, show the author some love by your marvelous replay, perhaps give him some sweet words and an award for the track or some bitter comments of why didn't like the track. :p
I'm off ;)

P.S. I'm going to be the best bassist the world has ever seen :cool:

P.S.S Seriously ;)
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