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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #7
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #7 31 May, 2012
 arzgaa (6 comments, 1071 views)  
We meet again!

Ughh. I updated my AMD drivers and yeah now my car looks like a pea can which has been hit 1532 times and let it get some rust in the bottom of the ocean and then it has gotten some more punches. I also enjoy having these black walls and lines flying all over the place the canyon. Dem bugs :-w If I only had the interest to degrade the version and wait for a better patch.... However, these problems didn't stop me from getting a random track to you again ;)

Oh yeah. I've apparently hit a WRhunting/online-racing random-track-streak. :p Last time I got one, and guess what, I got one this time as well :cool: . As you can probably see, the track doesn't have a screenshot which is in my humble opinion a bit sad. Not that that "No screenshot" didn't look good, but the track itself is so unique creation in itself it should be given the attention it deserves and the author should promote that track with making at least a crappy screenshot :p

I just got the greatest idea ever. Make a track called "No Screenshot" and mania exchange has done a greatlooking screenshot for you already, you don't have to work your ass off for an epic screenshots such as:
( This one is just sick... The screenshot itself should be given an award :d )

The track was rather simple, fun, little, decently flowing hunter. Built to last in wr hunting and online racing. Especially in the latter. The scenery is rather neat (the track is built around some Ice Age mod, but I didn't race the track with it)
and it works rather well without the mod as well. There are a couple of "tough" turns that aren't the most fun, makes you crash if driven wrong (don't they all? 8-| ) but sure a bit fun can be had with this track ;)
Hunt your World Record and kick everyone else's butt in this track, post your fastest run ever on the track and let's get some action going with this like we did with the last track. Actually, I'd wish you did a bit better there, we got like 2-3 new replays for the track :-w . Give feedback and all the basics.
I'm out ;)

P.S. I checked it out, the No Screenshot idea is original, no one has done such a track yet :p Allright, I can sell the idea for the highest price. Start making offers 8-|
6 comment(s).
 XT»Marti writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
My sincere condolences to the canyon pilot, which has probably already died a few million times. We feel for you :(
 arzgaa writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
:d Nope, I'm not skipping, when I say I won't skip a single random track, it means I won't skip any. I guess I've gotten damn lucky :d

And you have some great points there, the screenshot makes a difference. Also now that I think of it the point about the finish crashes, it makes sense. I have to agree on that one :p
 RickOstidich writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
I'll be sincere: when I look for new/random/whatsoever tracks, I always skip the tracks which doesn't have a screenshot.
I guess that if the author doesn't take the 1 minute necessary to make a nice screenshot, it probably didn't put that much effort in making his track special.
Also, screenshots like the butterflies/hurricane/etcetera are marvellous to see, but I prefer something representing the actual track that you're gonna ride. (@Arzgaa: your idea of making a "NoScreenshot" named map, is perfect if you assign that name to a monochromatic track where everything is black/grey/white. - is it possible with MT's colormap?!)

However, this Tm2Canyon game is so fantastic to play that also the most stupid track is fun to drive/improve/race, but there are about 20'000 good tracks on this site, so people *please* make a screenshot of your maps if you don't want that many drivers like me will simply skip yours.
(@Arzgaa: I guess you're cheating a little bit: when I choose a random track, 90% are noscreenshot-maps. While, amongst your 7 "TrackOfTheDay"s, this is only the 2nd noscreenshot-track. Are you skipping too?!)

Regarding this particular track, there's a lot of fun sliding, and 2 small jumps where you can make the difference.
So I had some fun improving my time, for at least 3 or 4 trials. I uploaded my time just to give 1 point of track value to the friend from Austria.
The thing I like most of this track, is that it's actually a 1-lap circuit, so the car will not smash at the end of the race.
Why on earth people at Nadeo like so much the car crashing/smashing/destroying/splashing at the end of the race?!?!
We drivers put so much effort in bringing the car to the finish line in an intact/undamaged/perfect condition, that is really a pity to see it crashing at the end. Moreover, is anybody else thinking at the poor pilot inside the car?!
 SPIDER writes ... 31, May, 2012  
hahahahahahahahahahahaha =p
 arzgaa writes ... 31, May, 2012  
No you don't :| Where did you get it?!?!?! :o
It was supposed to be hidden in a safe spot? :$
 SPIDER writes ... 31, May, 2012  
Cool idea but i already got that screen on one of my tracks. 8-|
From now on, no one is allowed to use that screen but me. :d
brb. i rename my track to no screenshot. ^^
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