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Location: Home  Blogs  arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #6 
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #6
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #627 May, 2012
  arzgaa (3 comments, 809 views)  
Marvelous evening to everyone;)

I've been extremely busy playing bass lately, I just made a bass cover video of some movie tunes today (check it out here) It's epic, trust me=p
But once again, back to the business...


Yeah. Most of all, I like the author's name8-| "schl3ck" it's just so fun word to pronounce :p And while at it talking about names, the track names is brutally raw and blunt. It says exactly what is needed. Nothing more, nothing less. The track is apparently schl3ck's first track or first easy track, who knows, I'm lazy and I don't have the energy to check out which one is the case here=p . Then it says "take your choice". The track has 2 routes. That's the most confusing thing I've ever heard. Seriously, I'm confused with one route and here you tell me to choose my own way O.o Argh the difficulty of choice. Not that I really made any choices I just sticked to going right (it's rather logical, it's the shortest way, right? )

I had one of those moments of pure unconditional love when I finally made a decent run and beat the author time, I accidentally didn't save the replay:-w Pfff... Well then, let's do it all over again8-|

In short this track is one big slide. The track hasn't got any revolutionary building epics. It's plain and simple 2 big right curves (or lefts if you decide so) and one small left curve tight as heck. The track is build inside this "canyondome" and it looks quite neat. The start is one of those darkest places on the planet though. The little creation here is great for online racing and wr hunting. The saddest part is that there are only 2 wr's hunted in this track. So I want YOU to race your ass off in this track and upload it. Wouldn't it be miraculous to have some big competition in a little "smaller" and unknown tracks like this ;)

So go on and do your thing, make kickflips if you like, as long as you upload the replay (seriously, i'd love to see some kickflips8-| ) and give the author some comments about the track.
Until next time, I'm out ;)

P.S. If you didn't check out the bass cover, do it now.:-w If you did, I'd like to thank you for your time and appreciate what you did (y)
3 comment(s).
  arzgaa writes ... 28, May, 2012  
Odd it didn't let you comment there O.o
But thanks, glad you liked it:)
That music of yours sounds cool, you all are/were quite skilled :d
Were you how "big" back then? :p
  RickOstidich writes ... 28, May, 2012  
(I cut and paste here the comment I tried to write as comment on your YouTube video, since on YouTube for some reason it didn't allow me to do it!)
  RickOstidich writes ... 28, May, 2012  
Ciao Arzgga!! (or is it ArzgAa?!) I liked the "Rango" part!! I'm also a musician, you check out something that I did some 20 years ago with my historic prog-metal band "Evil Wings", at (though I'm mainly a guitar player and drums player, in that band I was playing organs and keyboards). Hear from you soon at ManiaExchange, bye!!
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