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arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#14]
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day [#14] 22 May, 2013
 arzgaa (7 comments, 1008 views)  
Got the random track.

:done: :done:

This is going to be good. (brb)



First of all. I'm a criminal I suppose, I just broke a rule. But don't get me wrong, I didn't murder anyone (at least physically) nothing like that. I just.. You know... See what had happened at first was... Umm... I pressed the random track button... And...Then...a sniper came... He shot me but air sneezed in front of me and the bullet missed me. Instead it hit the random track button and I lost the track I had already randomed... Forever...

No I can't press the "previous page" button. He died as the bullet shattered. Duh.

Not buying it?


I see. You're not that easy to trick, I suppose I'm going to have to be honest with ya.
The first track I got was this one:

The problem is I can't seem to open it. And judging by the "screenshot" it looks like some tm-unlimiter is involved. And frankly I don't have it on my computer at all. I'm not really interested in it's stuff. (sure it's cool, I just haven't had time for it).

And thou shall I wish to be ever forgiven. =p

I clicked it again and I got this. This time, trust me, I got this! :cool:

This is what I was doing when I posted those 3 top rows of words up there :p
See, the track here is pretty much the fusion of all the originalities in the universe. It's immensely astounding, astonishing and utterly ingenious.

"Why? you ask. It's a reversed track. :o Well, who would've ever thought that switching the place of the start and the finishline would be clever. (No it's not a multilap 8-|) I have no idea who is the originator of this idea (probably the ancient romans) but ninoo here has taken the duty of doing it to a nadeo's very own track, A03 that is. And I'm going to have to give the props to him for finding a way to actually finish the track that way around.

When I started with the track I didn't remember which one A03 was and when opening I just thought, "what the heck, what's the point?" But as my hazy, tired brain started powering up I made some conclusions in the loading screen and it got me a little smile kind of thing on my face. And as the track opened up I thought to myself "Oh Ye*h!" (I apologize my language) and got on with it.

The first few minutes I tried hard faceplanting of the edge of the road just after the start. (Btw, go faceplant yourself on it for a couple of 10 minutes before you read more, I'll guide you through once you've done it. ;) ) Then I went einstein and reversed on it hitting the edge with the back of my car. And did it work? Yes it did, I got over it! Though after a short processing, I realized I'd also have to get over the fact that it was all in vain, I was on the wrong trail.

That's when I really started having fun. I mean, as an old platformaniac I was more than excited to go look for a route that in reality isn't even meant to be there. I tried a lot of stuff and after about 30 minutes I had found me a route and even finished the race quicker than the author (or the "5 min" bar in the track's description).

Even though I can't say if that's even legal considering the site's rules of uploading tracks I have to admit, it was a refreshing take on this track and honestly I really like this one way better than the original way around. Whether or not you disagree, go and try to beat my time, it's badass ;) (If you beat it, I was joking =p ) But don't "cheat", try finding the route yourself ;)

Hope you've had as much fun as I and if you've taken your time and gotten this far I'd like to thank you for bearing with me. (l) That's it this time, swabba-ba-luba-ba-da-da-da!

P.S. Chill out with this one, it's fine as heck! Sean Mackey - Sundown

P.S.S. Dat track ID 38883. (l) And whoa, the track's only 10 days old, I got lucky :o
7 comment(s).
 ninoo writes ... 25, May, 2013  
gogo for A12-Reverse!
 Hans Holo writes ... 25, May, 2013  
I've done this "from finish to start"-thing with several of my own tracks. It turned out that I liked the later tracks more than the original ones. Also this can be as much work as building a whole new track.

I remember older racing games, where it was usual to unlock a "backwards-version" of the given tracks (Need for Speed f.e.).
 arzgaa writes ... 24, May, 2013  
I just got a bit overexcited that's all =p
That's the joke man :cool:
 Darky writes ... 24, May, 2013  
>"Oh Ye*h!" (I apologize my language)

Who told you that "yeah" was a bad word ? xD
 arzgaa writes ... 23, May, 2013  
You did spell it right :d :d
Oh, and thanks for that short but sweet comment of yours =p
 SPIDER writes ... 23, May, 2013  
(y) nice, no more to say this time, and i am really sorry about that but i read you whole post, i thought you should know that, but you have to forgive me for not giving a long comment like you do most of the time, but i think that is me decision to make if i like to make a long and pointless comment, or if i like to be short and consistent and not say to much- and then i thought about giving a long comment but i stopped my self and was thinking, what good would that do so i´m not makeing a big comment becouse i relise i have an own blog post a few actually and i meight run out of words if i should explain all in detail that you wrote and i don´t have time for nonsence, so i just write a short comment to avoid confusion, :s and hoppefully you understand me so i wont say that much, actually i don´t think i have anything good to say but i am still thinking what to say and i really hope i came up with something cool to say, but probably not if i understand my self, but that is not your problem so forget i said that, Okey ? :$ Ahh - maybe i can :| ! :'( Naa that would not work, :o but why ? :s maybe i can try to explain what i was thinking if its even possible to say it without being funny, naa better keep it to my self and keep my own secrets witch i´m good at, i think, actually this one time i find a rock and i hide it , and swear to not tell nobody about it, and i don´t even remember where i put it, unless i throw it somewhere, ahh never mind that was just one of my secret i havent told anyone so far so go on tell me some secrets and i can keep them forever for you - if you have any secrets but most of us do and we shouldnt talk about secrets becouse, :s well they are secrets. NEVER MIND :d now i know what to write finally.
I have nothing to say as you understand so here is my words that i was plan to say before i forget it

Nice post Arzgaa. keep it up (y)

Edit: the unlimiter that we need for your first track isn´t available, incase you didn´t know ;)
Edit2: HAHA =p arzgaa's Random Track of the Day (Tomorrow is a new day, so maybe you right ^^)
Edit3: I spelled your name right this time XD
 ninoo writes ... 23, May, 2013  
thank u for the nice words =)
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