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Search Results
Give and take 22 May, 2013
 SPIDER (11 comments, 1731 views) 
Hard to find good tracks so this is my new system.

I wait for a nice award. !!! replay´s show´s your support.

What is a nice award then ? this is what i say - give a nice award and i check one of your less and most awarded track , and this is what it mean > don´t just leave a smile or a shiny
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Mapproved and reviewed by me (9) 06 May, 2013
 SPIDER (34 comments, 3503 views) 
Here is the creteria to make my list

1. Fully respawnable
2. Finish able at first try (respawn allowed)
3. No hard jumps (you can have hard jumps) but easy if you get my drift
4. Scenery is a must (1 tree is not scenery imo)
5. Hard transitions is okey if they are easy to make
6. Easy to find without gps (This falls under finishable in one try)
7. Beginner friendly. ...

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Want to play a good track. 25 Mar, 2013
 SPIDER (5 comments, 1501 views) 
Hi -i try to make this blog long, ahhh i think i got an idea.

I just want to tell you about a
fun and really flowy track
with the new trees in scenery
so its very sexy track, and nice
like a women, that meigth need
a push to get some more award /
attention, Noo not the women
thet need a puch its the track i am
talking about Read More
some ideas 22 Oct, 2012
 SPIDER (5 comments, 1359 views) 
I have some ideas now
what about a counter that show
how many registred user we have :)

so we can see if there is coming a new user and maybe the name of the latest registred mx user.
Also would be cool to have a "how many replays submitted counter" so far, and maybe, latest wr beaten on track "scaleman" by: gosaft, but the track must have x (x = 2) replay to count becouse otherwise its to many new wr "the x can be adjusted later on".

First submit on any track is a world record ^^ ;)

what you think.... ?
A track is diffrent from music. 09 Jun, 2012
 SPIDER (25 comments, 2589 views) 
Thats why we need a rating system. compare it to mtc, you leave points for a track to found the best track and that is great. add something similar and with this you can´t cheat the system
have 3 creteria when rating

fun 5
scenery 5
track 5

5 + 5 + 5 / 3 = 5 = rating 5
3 + 4 + 1 / 3 = 2.7

So to make a good track you need all of those if not you can´t be the botw track its impossible and don´t tell me this system meight be confus...

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A diffrent rally track. SPIDER 05 Jun, 2012
 SPIDER (4 comments, 1529 views) 
Hehe - this track is quite fun and extremly challengeing. its a 5 minutes offroad track (dekar rally) not sure what that is but i think its offroad rally or something, i will look it up when i finish this little comment. If you want to feel the nature of canyon and like offroad this is for you.
You can cut over montain to gain time but be aware of the danger Read More
Best rally tracks ever. add your own. 29 May, 2012
 SPIDER (9 comments, 2090 views) 
Dont miss the rally tracks here on mx they are awesome. you will have hours of fun
per each track and there is 5 at the moment.
They involve brake and are very challengeing, almost like a real rally
I only played the 2 first so far.

Dont miss them. and don´t drive without mt work, becouse then the tracks are bad in a way.

btw: you can skip the mod, and i personally think the normal canyon is best, anyway at the 2 first stages imo. go on and try them
good luck and have fun i did ^^

ps. if you have a rally track post it here. ;)
my first blog about a fun track. try it... 27 May, 2012
 SPIDER (4 comments, 1489 views) 
hey track name is insomnia and is at top, the other track you see, is the random trac, read and you got it, this is my first blog for someone elses track and i most be honest i want to find some answer myself so keep reading if you dont feel any pain to go on becouse this is a long comment. but if you feel som pain in the head, congratz you just got your first headeach, Read More
planet contests. SPIDER 02 May, 2012
 SPIDER (8 comments, 1557 views) 
Planet contest 1 MAP

This cool idea come from Nesrally. thx
lowest total time. (285 + 284 + 281 + 281 + 280 = 141.1 sec)

1st 1281 planets.
2nd 719 planets.
3rd 500 planets.

winners gratz and thx for participate
nice times Read More
[CLOSED] 14000 Planets DL: 1 may) 22 Apr, 2012
 SPIDER (0 comments, 1340 views) 
Lets do this again ^^ here is another track i i want to give a little more attention a little longer this time
not sure what kind of track it is, but i guess its race, anyway.
and i hope you have fun, btw: check my replay for gps

Deadline: 1 may (20:00 gmt)
Submit your best time before dl and win planets.

1ST 500p x beaten replays (max 7000p)
2th 300p x beaten replay (max 4.000p)
3th 200p x beaten replay (max 2.000p)
4th 500p
5th ...

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