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Location: Home  Blogs  A diffrent rally track. SPIDER 
A diffrent rally track. SPIDER
A diffrent rally track. SPIDER05 Jun, 2012
  SPIDER (4 comments, 1199 views)  
Hehe - this track is quite fun and extremly challengeing. its a 5 minutes offroad track (dekar rally) not sure what that is but i think its offroad rally or something, i will look it up when i finish this little comment. :p If you want to feel the nature of canyon and like offroad this is for you.
You can cut over montain to gain time but be aware of the danger:| , you can get stuck at a stone, a tree or even fall on your back or fall in to the canyons with scary water in them :$ becouse of the canyon physics if you are familier with it. :p And sometimes you need to respawn to finish or take it slow like a snail or a chicken if you want while you drive ^^, or drive the easy way :-w if there even is one, i forgot there is no easy way as i sad8-| , i think:$ , and one mistake can ruin your run even if its in the last cp so every decision you make is crucial if you don´t take it slow... you will lose important seconds. ^^
There is 9 cp to take before you can even finish and those are very easy to find if you follow the number 1 - 9, but that is more than easy to get to them. :d It takes about 30 seconds from cp to cp, so every miss is up to 25 sec - if you are good at offroad, that is. meight be a path, but doubt that.(brb)
I made 2 misstakes:d in my replay or if it was tre:@ . ;) but no major just some turnovers8-| but one time i got stuck next to a stone and becouse of that stone the the car brake so i was forced to respawn but i think i restarted, becouse one miss is terrible to the time, so a clean run can make miracles, HAHA,, who am i kidding a clean run. the joke of the day, haha.=p:@
but this time i manage to keep the car on the feet.

My run is not that good but not that bad either. :cool: so
you can play against me, if you want someone to play against,, a pro.:d

This would be fun online at a match server. :d

Try it if you have nothing to do, and drive around at the montain on this track, or just TRY to beat my time, a pro i mean ;)

good luck.
4 comment(s).
  Drive writes ... 22, Aug, 2012  
OK i know I'm very up to date:$
First login since months:s
Anyways, thanks for that funny track review :):)
Yes you are right, on match servers it is fun. we had one test server open a few days and when you start with many people at the same time it's amazing. But due to the editor it is not easy to make so many different and interessting tracks, and those stones on the hills are quite random.
I don't know yet if one day we'll make a short event or not, but I'll let you know if so hehe
  SPIDER writes ... 24, Jun, 2012  
I am speech less so no comment.:$
no good answer on that one Nesrally but
i sure hade a good reason to not award this when i found it.:$
  Nesrally writes ... 12, Jun, 2012  
Hm, u price this track up in the sky, but not giving it award? Hm.....thats a bit odd imo...... :$
  SPIDER writes ... 05, Jun, 2012  
Found some typo but it should be fine now. sorry about that, ohh an i Forgot to post my replay.:$
fixed. :done:
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