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Location: Home  Blogs  my first blog about a fun track. try it... 
my first blog about a fun track. try it...
my first blog about a fun track. try it...27 May, 2012
  SPIDER (4 comments, 1139 views)  
hey track name is insomnia and is at top, the other track you see, is the random trac, read and you got it, this is my first blog for someone elses track and i most be honest i want to find some answer myself so keep reading if you dont feel any pain to go on becouse this is a long comment.:$ but if you feel som pain in the head, congratz you just got your first headeach, =p but i have a simple fix for it just drink some water, and if that didn´t help drink some more, (y) WATER that is. :@ Anyway i stumbled on this track today 8-| , but this makes me a bit sad to see :'( , it has no award:o , and it is awkward.:s This is a tech track at night quite easy but still a good challenge imo:d maybe the u-turn is a bad area:$ , but i like it so i want to share this amazing track with you try it and give him a comment or an award if you like this as i do. give him your appreciation and put your replay with a singel click on the submit button, it's not hard i promise.

iam not as good as argaas to review a track i hope he take a look at this. :p

Or do like this

1. Download track, play 5 minutes.
2. Go to track, id 842
3. Click on submit.
4. Select your replay.
5. Submit.

Ooo Its the same

i try to shut up now, :| go on and give it a try.(y)

ohh,,, and if you don´t find your replay, download this little amazing program
this program it is fast as lightning, it search 10 000 times faster than windows orginal search, all you get is a little icon in the tray next to your clock ;) little tray icon you click on when you need to search and i just love it so i whant to share that with you aswell. and if you like it give him support and donate some money so the program is free forever and tell about tits to your friends ;) . ^^

now i shut up. :d
hope i was a little funny in this comments but as i sad i am not as funny as argazz
now i shut up and good luck.
OPS now i be quiet.+o(

this meight be a bit confusing but don´t judge me i am swedish.8-|
Now i really need to shut up again.=p
If i can. :$
4 comment(s).
  arzgaa writes ... 28, May, 2012  
I read it completely, didn't stop even if you told me. And yeah I see what you did there=p
  SPIDER writes ... 28, May, 2012  
hehe thx marti. Here is tha song. ;) ==>

:$ at arzgaa, i only have 5 miss spellings i think, i won´t count 8-| . iam just guessing, one word was planned when i wrote it wrong, not important but i did it anyway. This sentence ==> "and tell about tits to your friends" :cool: not sure if i made your name diffrent, twice^^ on purpose or not, but i guess so. =p I try to improve my writing next time, btw i am new to (.,- etc i learn that when we talk about the award system. ;) now i must shut up.=p=p=p=p=p ,Ohh sorry i didn´t mean to write the "now i must shut up" thingie. so ignore that please, Thanks for your understanding and ignoring that. or try ignore this message, if you can, =p noo wait, +o( you cant:d becouse if you read this sentence, you are to late, and ps, keep reading. :p anyway did you read the last part about i want to see the diffrence between dx versions. ? hope you didn´t miss this, becouse i write something about stop reading, but that was in the end, or nearly at the end anyway. :$ or ignore that, ? maybe i should write this at top. :s Ehh,, Whatever. 8-|

Have a nice day my reader´s.

  arzgaa writes ... 27, May, 2012  
Hahhah, some funny stuff you've got there. :d
Most of all I'd say, check you writing it's correct before releasing. You have sick amount of typos there. You mentioned my name there twice and neither of them were right=p
Also, don't tell yourself to shut up, you're the on we're listening to here ;)
It's great to see people blogging about someone else's tracks instead of their own tracks all the time. Keep it up(y)
  XT»Marti writes ... 27, May, 2012  
Swedish? well then gratz on winning the ESC! ^^
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