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A week to remember26 Feb, 2013
  XT»Marti (17 comments, 1394 views) 
Hey all!

This seems to be quite the week for trackmania stuff... first the long-awaited release of district 25, and now the news that there'll be great news tomorrow. You might have seen this video, showing off some new blocks that will be added in canyon. Some nice stuff there, but that doesn't look like a huge update... so, what's the big news coming on?
The question has been asked on facebook...

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Evolution is coming02 Nov, 2012
  XT»Marti (12 comments, 916 views) 
Hey all!

I'm pretty sure there won't be many of you that already know it, but nadeo has had some big news to announce this afternoon: just a few minutes ago, in the eswc, they've presented awesomeness... What's happened?

- The very first true presentation of valley, with a trailer and gameplay
- The announcement that Stadium (yes, that stadium) comes to maniaplanet

Now I'm aware that this footage is not (yet) available on th...

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Duo accounts: twice the authors, twice the problem...04 Feb, 2012
  XT»Marti (6 comments, 734 views) 
Problemshooters asked! :)

When I try to upload a track with a duo-account of me and a friend, a message shows up telling me I don't have a maniaplanet account linked to the account => I can't upload tracks.

Why is this? Do duo-accounts require you to buy another copy of the game? According to what I've heard that shouldn't be the case, so I believe that it's or a bug - or I'm doing something wrong and I don't know what that is:s

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please post (y)
Can a PF be underrated?07 Jan, 2012
  XT»Marti (6 comments, 1158 views) 
Hey all!

Now I've heard and seen a lot of PF's getting overrated, and the people that are complaining about this have always been numerous. Strange thing: this afternoon I ran into the most wonderful canyon PF I have yet seen... It had 0 awards.
Sure, it's not perfect and scenery is non-existent, but the innovation, speed and (almost overall) flow are just amazing.
To add to that... the track is no less than 5.30 minutes long!

Now I hear you saying tha...

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