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Duo accounts: twice the authors, twice the problems.
Duo accounts: twice the authors, twice the problem... 04 Feb, 2012
 XT»Marti (6 comments, 862 views)  
Problemshooters asked! :)

When I try to upload a track with a duo-account of me and a friend, a message shows up telling me I don't have a maniaplanet account linked to the account => I can't upload tracks.

Why is this? Do duo-accounts require you to buy another copy of the game? According to what I've heard that shouldn't be the case, so I believe that it's or a bug - or I'm doing something wrong and I don't know what that is :s

If anyone knows how to fix this problem, please post (y)
6 comment(s).
 XT»Marti writes ... 08, Feb, 2012  
Fixed. ty Forzyy! ;)
  MrA writes ... 07, Feb, 2012  
I know someone who probably knows a way to solve it.
 XT»Marti writes ... 06, Feb, 2012  
That's exactly what's happening :) know a way to solve it?
  MrA writes ... 06, Feb, 2012  
You login here with the accountID and password that gets created. Then change the display name. Then upload a track via the normal link.

If you are not able to upload with the account once logged in with it, then there is a problem.
 XT»Marti writes ... 05, Feb, 2012  
It's not the question where to create duo-accounts, it's how to upload maps with it :)
 SPIDER writes ... 04, Feb, 2012  
i created a duo account by misstake but i dont remember where (i clicked a create duo to se what it was and suddenly i had created a duo-account :o
i was waitng for a message that tell me "are you sure y/n " or something.
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