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Evolution is coming
Evolution is coming 02 Nov, 2012
 XT»Marti (12 comments, 1077 views)  
Hey all!

I'm pretty sure there won't be many of you that already know it, but nadeo has had some big news to announce this afternoon: just a few minutes ago, in the eswc, they've presented awesomeness... What's happened?

- The very first true presentation of valley, with a trailer and gameplay
- The announcement that Stadium (yes, that stadium) comes to maniaplanet

Now I'm aware that this footage is not (yet) available on the internet, except for those who watched the livestream... But I'd like to hear your opinion on both valley and stadium! I myself am not quite sure why they want to port stadium to the maniaplanet platform, but valley looks fabulous. But that's just my opinion: shout yours!

Oh and they also showed some pretty neat looking new blocks for shootmania, feel free to discuss those as well! ;)
12 comment(s).
 XT»Marti writes ... 24, Nov, 2012  
Nah, but as a great programmer he probably knows a way to fix that... Cause I don't think Nadeo will make the envi's compatible by themselves. We'll see, though.
 Alcator writes ... 24, Nov, 2012  
What does Forzy got to do with this? Is he the programmer of ManiaPlanet?
 XT»Marti writes ... 23, Nov, 2012  
Good question, and as to every good question the answer is probably somewhere in Forzy's brain ;)
 Alcator writes ... 22, Nov, 2012  
OK, I have a question:

In TMU, while on a single server or playing a campaign, you could go from track to track and from environment to environment easily. In Maniaplanet, if I'm in Canyon and I try to load a Platform track, it fails and I have to go to Platform before I can load that track, so I assume I cannot have on a single server maps from multiple "Stations".

So, Question: How will this work? Will it be possible to have tracks from different environments on a single server and just play continuous stream of different track types? Or will there have to be separate tracks for Stadium, Valley and Canyon?

 GR. writes ... 05, Nov, 2012  
Very interesting move to add Stadium to MP. I didn't see that one coming. It might be Nadeo's most brilliant move in history because TM2 really needs more people. Finally get those rusty oldskoolers to join TM2 and stop deviding the community once and for all.

After seeing the new Valley trailer I still have my doubts just as when I saw Valley the first time a few years ago. It doesn't look mindblowing, it actuallly looks like Canyon and it doesn't look as arcady as I expect a TM environment to be. But looks can be deceiving so I'll have to drive it first before I can really judge. :)
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 03, Nov, 2012  
According to ... ehm ... some other page don't know the name right now(gotta look it up), the new-old Stadium will also be Free 2 Play, just like Nations Forever
  eyebo.wp writes ... 03, Nov, 2012  
www.trackmania.com/stadium says:
... says:

Classic gameplay unchanged

Rediscover the racing feel from the original TrackMania Nations Forever.
 XT»Marti writes ... 02, Nov, 2012  
This blog is a little unnecessary due to the actual frontpage news 8-| any chance I can delete it?
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 02, Nov, 2012  
I'm just wondering whether Stadium in MAniaPlanet will be completely the same or with some minor changes in maybe blocks or driving. That's gonna be awesome !
And Valley ? Pure epicness ! Oh man I can't wait to play it :)

And btw : Do you think the new Stadium will be compatible with the free version Nations Forever, so that people who don't have a strong computer or no money can still play with the ones who bought it ? Or will it also be Free 2 Play ?

Damn, that's really interesting =p Bioshock Infinite isn't the only thing I am really looking forward to noe --- now (y)

 arzgaa writes ... 02, Nov, 2012  
OOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAA This is just awesomeness :d
I saw the trailers on my youtube frontpage in my subscriptions and was just blown away.
I'm excited as heck.

 md writes ... 02, Nov, 2012  
here are direct links to the trailers:

including stadium in maniaplanet may eventually be the thing that will bring tm2 back to life. let's wait and see.
awesome news btw.

edit: i'll start the 'what it will be like?' game with valley. i say half-coast/half-rally because yes.
 XT»Marti writes ... 02, Nov, 2012  
Information available now:
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