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Location: Home  Blogs  Can a PF be underrated? 
Can a PF be underrated?
Can a PF be underrated?07 Jan, 2012
  XT»Marti (6 comments, 1157 views)  
Hey all!

Now I've heard and seen a lot of PF's getting overrated, and the people that are complaining about this have always been numerous. Strange thing: this afternoon I ran into the most wonderful canyon PF I have yet seen... It had 0 awards.
Sure, it's not perfect and scenery is non-existent, but the innovation, speed and (almost overall) flow are just amazing.
To add to that... the track is no less than 5.30 minutes long!

Now I hear you saying that I know nothing about good PF's, because PF's are in general overrated.. so a PF with only 0/1 awards is not worth looking at, certainly not when the screenshot looks like... well... not much.
But really, this PF is amazing. I don't know the guy that made it (so this isn't friend-spamming or such) but I hope his track will get more awards than just mine.

If (after reading all of this crap) you are even just the slightest bit interested, then please try it out. It only takes 5 minutes of your precious time, and I doubt you'll regret playing it. ;)
6 comment(s).
   eyebo.wp writes ... 09, Feb, 2012  
Thanks for shining some light on this phenomenal track! (y)
  XT»Marti writes ... 14, Jan, 2012  
you got that right;)
  Forzyy writes ... 14, Jan, 2012  
It's not such an underrated track now! :p
  XT»Marti writes ... 08, Jan, 2012  
This thread is not even a day old but I guess it can be closed... the track's getting the attention that
I thought it deserved :)
Thanks for reading and see you soon ;)
  SPIDER writes ... 07, Jan, 2012  
I did under 5 min and 30 sec on First try. :cool:
   riolu! writes ... 07, Jan, 2012  
I've read your blogentry and I dont regret testing the track, its indeed one of the best PF's I have driven so far :)
Thanks for sharing the track with some more maniacs:done:
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