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A week to remember
A week to remember 26 Feb, 2013
 XT»Marti (17 comments, 1678 views)  
Hey all!

This seems to be quite the week for trackmania stuff... first the long-awaited release of district 25, and now the news that there'll be great news tomorrow. You might have seen this video, showing off some new blocks that will be added in canyon. Some nice stuff there, but that doesn't look like a huge update... so, what's the big news coming on?
The question has been asked on facebook, youtube and maniaplanet already, but I wanted to discuss it in a place where not everyone will immediately go crazy (this must mean stadium 2 is coming out, cuz that's all I care about!!). Sorry if that sounds a little rude, but that's really what these people look like in my eyes. So tell me, what do you guys expect?
17 comment(s).
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 02, Mar, 2013  
SPIDER says:
I notice a cool feature in stadium today :d

The grass gets flat when driving on it after the wheels (l) (lawnmower^^) , really amazing.

That was also in Nations and United forever :p

... However : My disappointment from not being able to play Valley (I hope it will be released in April, at least the Beta) has departed, because Stadium² is really very good ! I love the graphics and the new driving physics which seem to be a bit more easy while drifting. =p
 Alex BF writes ... 01, Mar, 2013  
A week to remember

ultimate niiice chaos :)
 SPIDER writes ... 01, Mar, 2013  
I notice a cool feature in stadium today :d

The grass gets flat when driving on it after the wheels (l) (lawnmower^^) , really amazing.
 Nesrally writes ... 01, Mar, 2013  
Hi Guys ! Long time since I've been in here to say something....., coz no internet connection this time at home.... But I just visit a place with WiFi, bring my PC, and hook up.... and wow, this time i feel exactly what u guys saying.... this is just a great great update and progress in Mania Planets life..... After racing a few track and experience this new stuff my self, I was just blown away......both with the new blocs in canyon and the new Stadium ! ! ! !

Then, I just wonder, will also the old cars from TMNF also work fine in MP2 ?
  eyebo.wp writes ... 01, Mar, 2013  
Nice post blog post Marti! (y) I'm loving those new Canyon blocks too!!! :o

Okay, I knew Stadium was going to be beautiful because of the ManiaPlanet lighting system. But seriously, I had no idea it was going to look this good. It's STUNNING!!! Stadium is simply GORGEOUS (l)

And then come to find out there will be new Stadium blocks come at release (after the OpenBeta)! I'm not a very good Stadium driver, but I will surely be making a lot of videos in this beautiful "new" environment. (y)

See you on the track!
 .zapph' writes ... 28, Feb, 2013  
I'd like to have the same physics as in TrackMania Nations Forever...
I'm used to them and i'll always feel a little weird when driving Stadium² with a different physic than Stadium.

Also with this change so many "tracks" from the old nations won't be driveable anymore..
And there were some pure awesome ones which I'd like to drive also in Stadium².

That's my opinion so far (y)
 SPIDER writes ... 28, Feb, 2013  
Valley is released around 10 of june is my guess or 17th 8-|
but beta is coming in april (l) , also a guess =p

the time isn´t same when finish in stadium2 on a track build in nation forever.

On dirt its .10 sec and on grass its .09 sec to slow, and a simple pf don´t work

(i did a simple campare track fyi)

Edit: the acceleration in the beginning is only slower in stadium 2. no old maps works for sure
they work but you cant beat any wr on old maps.
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 28, Feb, 2013  
As far as I know, the handling on grass and dirt seems to have improved. Apart from that I noticed no difference.
 .zapph' writes ... 28, Feb, 2013  
Did they change the physics of the Stadium Car in Stadium²?

Downloaded the game earlier today and played some of my old nations-forever tracks...
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 27, Feb, 2013  
Please don't get me wrong, I totally do not have anything against Stadium and I'll probably also buy it, because I love Nadeo and TrackMania. My comment may have seemed a bit harsh.
I really like it, but I am a bit disappointed right now that Valley, which has been announced far earlier than Stadium, is not available earlier.

I do however think that it was a good move to put the game on Steam, because more people are gonna notice it.

I will also enjoy Stadium a lot, I know that =p
 SPIDER writes ... 27, Feb, 2013  
wow i was wrong ops :$

hope this give speed to maniaplanet
so good idea to release stadium now ^^
 XT»Marti writes ... 27, Feb, 2013  
Same here, but you should see stadium as a timefiller, I think :) only costs you 9 dollars too. Still a little strange that they put a price on it. I'm very willing to pay, but seen that it's predecessor was free...
 Thrawn«¦ writes ... 27, Feb, 2013  
Yeah, it's Stadium ... :( I want Valley so much ....
 XT»Marti writes ... 27, Feb, 2013  
Yapyap, excited! ^^
 riolu! writes ... 27, Feb, 2013  
Stadium² will probably be released today. The server software has already been updated with server commands for the Stadium title, there are plenty of hints on Facebook/Twitter as well, and the Stadium DVD box in the ManiaPlanet menu returned. Gogo! (y)
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