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Sunday, December 25, 2011 (3316 days ago)
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 5 years ago
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Hi all ! I`m a 58 model Norwegian grandpa, living in the Philippines and racing Trackmania since Sept. 2010. First TMNF, and then, as now, Canyon..... Im addicted already, so I race almost every day.... After taking most of the medals ingame in TMNF, I found TMX and enjoy racing there most of the time until I bought TM2.... Then, when I discover that i really loved Canyon, and registered in MX, I`m there most of the time now. For me, racing online, means MX... I dont like servers that much, cos 5 min. is not enough time for me to know a track and make a decent time..... So for me, downloading a track or a replay of a track here at MX, having all the time I want, and race against the competitor on that track that I want, that fits my style......

My whole family also racing trackmania and love it ! My GF Rhona, her daughter Princessdeyn, her brother Gong and her nephew Romel.

Here is a picture of me and Rhona;

If u want to be my friend on Facebook, u r most welcome, just remember to add ur TMX nick to ur name.....

My tracks;

[Bad Track/Map Link]
[Bad Track/Map Link]

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