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For the lovers of mini tracks !
For the lovers of mini tracks ! 21 Jun, 2012
  Nesrally (5 comments, 1072 views)  
Today I come across a, for me, new mapper, batzelu26, that build maps that i think many of u guys will like. If u like the maps of Mr. DVD, mlokan and others making popular mini tracks, then i think u will love those tracks. Mostly 30 sec. beginner and intermediate difficulty level, which i personally prefer. Seal up and give those tracks a try ! See yah there the next days or weeks ! He is hereby added to my favorite authors..... (l)

Some screenshot experts could probably offer this guy a little help to make screenshot of his track, coz they definitely deserve that imo.....
5 comment(s).
  Nesrally writes ... 24, Dec, 2013  
Yeah, better late then never ! As part of the community, u need to be a part... Respond a.s.o.... As for ur track, what I will advice, is always post ur AT, coz, for me, I seldom race a track with no opponent...... 8-|8-|
  batzelu26 writes ... 19, Dec, 2013  
Hey all,just want to say ym sorry i dinnot seen this blog tikk today .Thx so much nesrally 4 your suport y just try 2 make easy&fun maps ,Btw my name is tony ym part of havefun team(havefun-tonybatz ) so if you like my maps you cant playit in havefun server only 72 minibatz maps ,again thx and havefun
  Nesrally writes ... 22, Jun, 2012  
Ah, sorry guys ! Tnx for the friendly remainder ! Post updated now.....
  arzgaa writes ... 22, Jun, 2012  
Indeed, it is nice you've found a good builder and let us know that you've found one. But why no name? :d
  XT kruemelyeti writes ... 21, Jun, 2012  
Would be interesting to know his name. ;)
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