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A week to remember
A week to remember26 Feb, 2013
  XT»Marti (17 comments, 1436 views)  
Hey all!

This seems to be quite the week for trackmania stuff... first the long-awaited release of district 25, and now the news that there'll be great news tomorrow. You might have seen this video, showing off some new blocks that will be added in canyon. Some nice stuff there, but that doesn't look like a huge update... so, what's the big news coming on?
The question has been asked on facebook, youtube and maniaplanet already, but I wanted to discuss it in a place where not everyone will immediately go crazy (this must mean stadium 2 is coming out, cuz that's all I care about!!). Sorry if that sounds a little rude, but that's really what these people look like in my eyes. So tell me, what do you guys expect?
17 comment(s).
  SPIDER writes ... 26, Feb, 2013  
I think the stam is 3d but the leaf figurly speaking is spinning like the other nature stuff.
i think its quite big becouse they do it for free, becouse we already bought the game, but it might got some more attention now, lets hope :p

and sorry to say this but valley or stadium is not coming tommorrow...

mayby its someting really unexpected that is happening who knows and becouse the
trees and lakes etc, was a big surprise for me anyway and i love it.

Edit: i really wonder whats comming to storm do.. maybe a new game mode...
  Thrawn«¦ writes ... 26, Feb, 2013  
I do, first of all expect new ShootMania updates, because that is the most likely thing to be happening :d
I did not know about new TM² blocks, but if there will be any, it's gonna be awesome (y).
Apart from that I'm mad for Valley. Let's see what the week brings =p

Edit : Omg, It looks like actual 3D trees O.o
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