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Is your map worth to be driven?21 May, 2013
  .zapph' (20 comments, 1081 views) 
Heya MX people!

I've thought about this theme for a longer time now. And I came to the opinion to let you guys know what I think!

This thread is about some requirements a map has to have for myself that I will drive/test/award/whatever... it!
As an old TM freak who was active in the best times of TMX I think I have the right to have requirements...
It was when I was between 15 and 16 (over 2 years ago) when I was very active on TMX.
At that time th...

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My personal planning for the future and some other...26 Apr, 2013
  .zapph' (13 comments, 837 views) 
Yesterday I release my new Map "blind Shadow 2".
After a long period of time (about 2 years or more), I finally continued the "Natural Fullspeed" Style.
I really like this Style because it offers the opportunity t actually use skill with driving. You don't get Speed from boosters but have to drive correctly on the Map. And although I am not the best driver I can say that I got things pretty well.
The Trailer for "blind Shadow 2" received some good...

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First time blog!24 Apr, 2013
  .zapph' (6 comments, 570 views) 
Hey there MX!

This is my first blog entry, and I don't really know what I should write in here...

Yesterday I uploaded a Trailer for my upcoming Map "blind Shadow 2" on YouTube.
You can find it here: blind Shadow 2 - TrailerRead More
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