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TM Interview Project - GanjaRider28 Aug, 2013
  wormi (14 comments, 3307 views) 

Yo boys and girls! This time I can present you an old member of TM community! When I told that I will publish this interview to my friend, his reaction was “is he still alive?” He's also known from some full throttle maps... yep, it's GanjaRider! You can find more infomation about the project here.

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v.neck's new blocks review23 Jun, 2013
  v.neck (15 comments, 2359 views) 
Hey peoples

and welcome to a TM2 Staidum - NEW BLOCKS !!! review done by v.neck. In this review I will cover pretty much every single of the new added blocks, their viability on modern (FS) tracks and give my very personal opinion on it. Now, this might come up a bit prematurely, since I haven't even built a legit track out of those new blocks yet, but I spent my last day and a half well testing and...

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Fullspeed versus Tech14 May, 2012
  Hans Holo (4 comments, 879 views) 
I've always been a lover of fullspeed. Not only in Trackmania, there's a straight line starting at (let's say) Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on Amiga to TMUF.
The main reason might be, that I like the feeling of speed (who doesn't). And of course I don't like to crash, what's more likely when you have to break to get around bends. There's been a short period where I prefered tech-tracks; namely the Scramble-Mode of the game Rollcage and the most crazy tracks at th...

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256³ With You - TMUnlimiter track - 80 seconds lon...10 Apr, 2012
  C4Freak (0 comments, 1603 views) 
Hey guys,
here is my first enlarged(256³) track for Trackmania2 : Canyon.
The speed goes up t0 1000 and it includes insane long jumps. For the case you won't download TmUnlimiter, I added a Video I hope you can tell me what to improve for my next 256³ track. Have fun driving it or watching the video.
Btw: the first one who beats my author time will recieve 500 planets.
Greetz Freak (y)
Vertical race track23 Mar, 2012
  Nim (4 comments, 765 views) 
I just figured out a 'almost' new style of trackbuilding, closer information on the trackpage.

I thought this is something totally different from other tracks, so I wanted to share it here ;)

I really would love to see some building tries like this , just post them here =)

Nimrod 8-|
5500 Planets & a building advice14 Mar, 2012
  Hans Holo (5 comments, 1921 views) 
Hi there,

hm, so this is a blog. I've never written one before. So what do I write?
I can tell something official, the personal story of my track and give a little advice for (new) trackbuilders, to give this any relevance.

I've started a contest on my new track:


500 Planets...

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Fullspeed Hunter #1 | 2000 planets to win!06 Mar, 2012
  C4Freak (0 comments, 1697 views) 
Yo guys, here is the first track of my upcoming hunter- series. I added a competition with 2000 planets to win. Good luck and have fun!


The first one who beats my at (34.03) will get 800 coppers
The best replay will get 500 planets.
The 2nd place 400.
The 3rd place 300.
Deadline is the 13.03.2012 So have fun hunting and upload you personal bests (:
Yust leave your login at the commenst section please (:

MTC - A new Dawn | 1500 planets to win18 Feb, 2012
  C4Freak (3 comments, 1759 views) 
Hey guys,
here is my first MTC submission. It is a fast fullspeeder which is about 43 seconds long and I added a competition for you to win some planets. Hope you like it and leave a replay. The mt-work is my best so far, if you like it please give me some feedback. Here is the competition:
:gold: 500 planets
:silver:300 planets
:bronze: 200 planets
Deadline is the 25.02.2012 So have fun hunting and upload you pb's (:
The first who beats my pb 43.84 will get 500 plantes.
Just leave your login at the comments section then.
1500planets for the first 59sec replay16 Feb, 2012
  zipperke (2 comments, 823 views) 
Hey guys
This is my MTC submission
And to get the engines running.. I'll give 1500 planets to the first player that uploads a time under 1minute
Ofcourse, give a comment when you do ;-)

Good luck ;)
cos |I Infinity - planets to win07 Feb, 2012
  C4Freak (0 comments, 932 views) 
Yo guys, here is my new track. It is a easy fullspeeder without drift. It contains some nice jumps and drops and has a high speed. Would be great if you can test this one and give me some kind of feedback that I can improve my style. Thanks (:
By the way look at the competition fist three places will win coppers.
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