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Fullspeed versus Tech
Fullspeed versus Tech14 May, 2012
 Hans Holo (4 comments, 923 views)  
I've always been a lover of fullspeed. Not only in Trackmania, there's a straight line starting at (let's say) Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on Amiga to TMUF.
The main reason might be, that I like the feeling of speed (who doesn't). And of course I don't like to crash, what's more likely when you have to break to get around bends. There's been a short period where I prefered tech-tracks; namely the Scramble-Mode of the game Rollcage and the most crazy tracks at the beginning of TM. But in the last years of playing TM I hardly enjoyed a track that wasn't fullspeed.
But recently my opinion changed. The most important reason for that might be, that I now play with pad, what makes breaking much easier than with the KB-arrows, and I can control the car much better with the stick when drifting.
But the technical side isn't everything. I have to admit that I didn't understand the concept of drifting. For me drifting was a cool looking way of driving in movies, but not practical in real life, as well in games, because when you break you will be slower (speed=good; breaking=bad). But lately two things came across: I've watched the stupid Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift where they race in a parking deck and there it made glorious sense to me: No room for high speed, even more control of the car when drifting. At the same day I played the track Com-Pact from vvaldmeister wich requires to perform narrow drifts. Encouraged by the movie I tried to get a really good time (usually impossible for me on tech) and I learned how to drift by playing and retrying.
Eyebo recently wrote about an aquired taste and I have to say that after understanding the concept, accepting the use, and sharpening my skills I now enjoy tech-tracks as same as FS.

Whose interested in this? This is a blog, not the news!
Maybe I could encourage someone to expand their view on Canyon with my experiences...

Hans Holo

PS: I guess I will keep building FS, but that would be a whole new topic.
4 comment(s).
 Phoenyx Imperius writes ... 18, May, 2012  
For me, I tended to enjoy tracks that didn't have crazy inversions or nonsensically placed boost pads before turns back in TMUF. Better traction meant better handling, and handling is what ultimately wins races. However, later on I warmed up to some of the crazy fullspeed tracks on Stadium and Island. TM2 killed it for me, though, but my preferences changed again. I was bored with the short sprints that were either boring under-steer speed tracks, annoying perfect-line tracks, or drift-like-crazy tracks. I fell in love with longer tracks with a bit of everything. Having to transition between Tech-Drift, Full-Speed, a bit of transitional for variety and even a little stunt thrown in there for good measure gave me more of a challenge.

Now if only my computer wouldn't constantly overheat when driving on RPG tracks. TM2 may be a good game, but it could greatly benefit from some optimization.
 tcq writes ... 14, May, 2012  
My case was completely different in comparison to yours. After starting with island in the TMSdemo, i got attached to the slow speed noslide maps, which you could describe as some kind of island demo tech. But i also loved the high speed slide and noslide maps later on in the full version of TMS.
Contrary to this experience i already started from the first day of canyon with tech maps because i couldn't see anything in the FS maps. This is mostly due to my bad PC graphics, as a full speeder needs huge precision to be finished and i simply can't see roads clearly enough due to my limited computational power and therefore I'm only crashing like hell. And then if there is a map where the respawns don't work, I instantly get angry and demotivated and quit the server because the time is to short to finish the map even once for me. Tech maps are way more forgiving in this case and therefore i got stuck to them in TM2.
 XT»Marti writes ... 14, May, 2012  
You would have loved drifting sooo much earlier if you had just put your brake onto the spacebar ;)
 holzzitrone writes ... 14, May, 2012  
hehe. well, it was about time cause drifting is the most exciting thing in canyon IMO. and yeah.. i always hated tech, here in Canyon i really like it. still prefer to build speedtracks though:p

...but recently i made my first tries to build something more techy in the BASCO. hmmm...a long way to go:$
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