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I have returned... well, somewhat...03 May, 2012
  Phoenyx Imperius (5 comments, 505 views) 
I'm back, though I will not be very active. I've been juggling my time between racing RC cars IRL and a bunch of other things, and I probably won't be on much.

Anyway, I just had my 20th Birthday six days ago. Speaking of which, a friend of mine got me Portal 2 and I beat it in two days.

Finally, as for the Tracks tab, I need some recommendations on a few things. I'm wanting to make a new track to start things off again, but a lot of what I make is either to...

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[Rant + Idea] Bought a G38 and I want to be able t...04 Jan, 2012
  Phoenyx Imperius (4 comments, 514 views) 
I bought a Logitec G38 Racing Wheel a while ago (I think it was two years ago) with the intention of playing Trackmania with it.

Bad idea. Not only was I much slower - not just because I wasn't used to it, I was off by five to ten seconds on my own tracks - but when switching back to the keyboard it took me a few tries before I was back to my normal somewhat-quick setting-WRs-on-obscure-tracks self. I even tried increasing sensitivity from the default minimum setting - that just m...

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