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Track Review #1 - Quantum Supernova26 May, 2019
  v.neck (0 comments, 987 views) 
Hello everyone, long time no see (idek if anyone still reads blogs)

anyway I made a video review of a track I really enjoyed. You can watch the video here or read the script below.

If you watch the video, please don't be shy to let me know what you didn't like about it, since it's my first video of that kind and I want to get better at it. I real...

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v.neck's new blocks review23 Jun, 2013
  v.neck (15 comments, 2358 views) 
Hey peoples

and welcome to a TM2 Staidum - NEW BLOCKS !!! review done by v.neck. In this review I will cover pretty much every single of the new added blocks, their viability on modern (FS) tracks and give my very personal opinion on it. Now, this might come up a bit prematurely, since I haven't even built a legit track out of those new blocks yet, but I spent my last day and a half well testing and...

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random chatting and a warm beer [part #3]14 Jul, 2012
  md (2 comments, 876 views) 
long time no see.(*now that's a great starter isn't it?)

ok so, i just found some interesting tracks that get no attention by the community because they're all screaming for sm.
advice: they're not "typical" tracks, but lay on the avant-garde side of building, i guess.

[does that even mean anything?]

anyway, stop the blabbling and start the racing.

#1 cold fragile infernal rituals by uzon....

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ATMN: So... 7-day beta keys...29 Jun, 2012
  Cipher»LT (8 comments, 1030 views) 
Why in the world would they do that? i don't have 7 days to go and waste playing it inside and out. I guess this means that SM review or evaluation is going to be comeing sooner than i thought... and probably going to be rushed too due to the fact that i have 7... STINKIN... DAYS... TO... DO... IT... comeon nadeo, you're better than this, you released tmu/tmuf which imho is the best tm game sofar, and yet you can't deliver on a simple beta on a game that you're experimenting with...

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For the lovers of mini tracks ! 21 Jun, 2012
  Nesrally (5 comments, 1088 views) 
Today I come across a, for me, new mapper, batzelu26, that build maps that i think many of u guys will like. If u like the maps of Mr. DVD, mlokan and others making popular mini tracks, then i think u will love those tracks. Mostly 30 sec. beginner and intermediate difficulty level, which i personally prefer. Seal up and give those tracks a try ! See yah there the next days or weeks ! He is hereby added to my f...

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A diffrent rally track. SPIDER05 Jun, 2012
  SPIDER (4 comments, 1198 views) 
Hehe - this track is quite fun and extremly challengeing. its a 5 minutes offroad track (dekar rally) not sure what that is but i think its offroad rally or something, i will look it up when i finish this little comment. If you want to feel the nature of canyon and like offroad this is for you.
You can cut over montain to gain time but be aware of the dangerRead More
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #731 May, 2012
  arzgaa (6 comments, 941 views) 
We meet again!

Ughh. I updated my AMD drivers and yeah now my car looks like a pea can which has been hit 1532 times and let it get some rust in the bottom of the ocean and then it has gotten some more punches. I also enjoy having these black walls and lines flying all over the place the canyon. Dem bugs If I only had the interest to degrade the version and wait...

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Best rally tracks ever. add your own.29 May, 2012
  SPIDER (9 comments, 1715 views) 
Dont miss the rally tracks here on mx they are awesome. you will have hours of fun
per each track and there is 5 at the moment.
They involve brake and are very challengeing, almost like a real rally
I only played the 2 first so far.

Dont miss them. and don´t drive without mt work, becouse then the tracks are bad in a way.

btw: you can skip the mod, and i personally think the normal canyon is best, anyway at the 2 first stages imo. go on and try them
good luck and have fun i did ^^

ps. if you have a rally track post it here. ;)
arzgaa's Random Track of the Day #627 May, 2012
  arzgaa (3 comments, 806 views) 
Marvelous evening to everyone

I've been extremely busy playing bass lately, I just made a bass cover video of some movie tunes today (check it out here) It's epic, trust me
But once again, back to the business...

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my first blog about a fun track. try it...27 May, 2012
  SPIDER (4 comments, 1134 views) 
hey track name is insomnia and is at top, the other track you see, is the random trac, read and you got it, this is my first blog for someone elses track and i most be honest i want to find some answer myself so keep reading if you dont feel any pain to go on becouse this is a long comment. but if you feel som pain in the head, congratz you just got your first headeach, Read More
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