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Location: Home  Blogs  ATMN: So... 7-day beta keys... 
ATMN: So... 7-day beta keys...
ATMN: So... 7-day beta keys...29 Jun, 2012
  Cipher»LT (8 comments, 1033 views)  
Why in the world would they do that? i don't have 7 days to go and waste playing it inside and out. I guess this means that SM review or evaluation is going to be comeing sooner than i thought... and probably going to be rushed too due to the fact that i have 7... STINKIN... DAYS... TO... DO... IT... comeon nadeo, you're better than this, you released tmu/tmuf which imho is the best tm game sofar, and yet you can't deliver on a simple beta on a game that you're experimenting with.

oh yeah i've had the alpha for atleast 3 days now, but with what i've seen sofar... i'm not liking it unless some major gameplay changes happen

i'll get around to listing all my problems with it sometime next week... or on the last day of my beta key...
8 comment(s).
  Cipher»LT writes ... 31, Jul, 2012  
you seem to not notice that i'm talking about storm, not canyon :p
  FT»Joyeux writes ... 30, Jul, 2012  
Canyon first disappointed me. But, hey, I tried to keep playing, and now, I think innovativness is rly possible here. Just look at my new map, and I'm making another map using the start block as a jump. Mapping is far from dead, but 70% of players just didn't want to make effort to understand all the blocks more!!

And I like the car physicis, I love the drifts, I love its maniability. Am I crazy? Hell, maybe. :p

MX is just fucking awesome now, maniaplanet has improved so much since the beta phase, the editor is amazingly well thought and effective.. The only problem is the ack of activity, and the lack of aaaaal my good old friends.
  FT»lolig writes ... 24, Jul, 2012  
+1 I had the alpha for very long and somehow my alpha key still works I can play online between players who bought the game and have now beta keys...

I've played SM for some weeks and all I can tell: SM is a poor game, I won't waste my money on it...
You can find way better and more fun online shooters to pay (preatty cheap) and some are even for free...

I recommend these games rather than SM.

   eyebo.wp writes ... 03, Jul, 2012  
SPIDER (15031) says:
how do i load canyon in sm ? do i just write in my canyon key. ?

Yes. Double click an empty Station (one of those windows you see with Storm, Joust, Elite, etc). Choose Canyon. Enter your Canyon key. Then it'll download it.

And Exploding Lemon... do you think people complained this much about a lack of blocks before Sunrise Extreme? What about before the Forever update? I think we've all got extremely spoiled with TMUF. Now some of us act as if we can't build anything with a limited block selection. On the contrary, limited block selection forces you to be more innovative. This equates to more fun and more satisfaction, because you've figured out creative new ways to use the existing blocks.
  Cipher»LT writes ... 03, Jul, 2012  
yeah, just enter your canyon key and... just the two road tunnel is the new blocks they give us... not banked platform turns, no 3x3 gp/gpbanked turns, no smaller loop pieces, no 4 lane road, no new scenery blocks... and still the white rock mod is better looking than regular canyon.

why am i so negitive... probably cause i find canyon a huge disappointment compared to say tmo, tms, or tmn... even though i don't like stad i still find it better than canyon 8-|
  SPIDER writes ... 02, Jul, 2012  
how do i load canyon in sm ? do i just write in my canyon key. ?
   eyebo.wp writes ... 01, Jul, 2012  
You've had the Alpha a week and a half Exploding Lemon. But that's beside the point. :p

I'm with Ganjarider and Hylis. Try to keep a positive spirit! :d

I really didn't get hooked on the game myself for about a month. Like all of Nadeo's games, it takes a bit to get your skill up to the point where you can start having fun and you start to see the beauty of the game.

The 7 day key thing is a bit of a mystery right now. I trust more will be revealed in due time. In the meantime, go install Canyon in your MP Alpha and play with the new blocks! Or better yet, go drive your car around the Storm environment, since that's possible right now (although I wonder if it will be in the future).
  GR. writes ... 29, Jun, 2012  
As long as Nadeo hasn't said what's going to happen after those 7 days there's no reason to assume anything. And I quote Hylis: "try to keep the positive spirit".;)
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