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ATMN: So... 7-day beta keys...29 Jun, 2012
  Cipher»LT (8 comments, 956 views) 
Why in the world would they do that? i don't have 7 days to go and waste playing it inside and out. I guess this means that SM review or evaluation is going to be comeing sooner than i thought... and probably going to be rushed too due to the fact that i have 7... STINKIN... DAYS... TO... DO... IT... comeon nadeo, you're better than this, you released tmu/tmuf which imho is the best tm game sofar, and yet you can't deliver on a simple beta on a game that you're experimenting with...

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ATMN Top 5: How Shootmania Storm will not appeal/s...24 Apr, 2012
  Cipher»LT (4 comments, 623 views) 
Now, i said i would talk about some of the reasons later, and here it is. The Top 5 reasons Storm will not really appeal to me/others

Number 5: Storm is pretty much Quake Live with a block based map editor...
Don't jump to conclusions on this one. I like the idea behind the physics in Storm, but honestly i'd rather just play Quake Live (which as far as i know) is the most up to date quake arena. Also about the map editor from tm2, i have nothing against it, but when...

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ATMN Top 5: How Shootmania Storm will kick ass!23 Apr, 2012
  Cipher»LT (5 comments, 522 views) 
Well, since i don't really want to do a random track right now, i guess i'll do a... Top 5 reasons Shootmania Storm will kick ass!

Number 5: Shootmania Storm is pretty much Quake Arena with a Map Editor.
There's no arguing that Quake Arena is a great game, but imagine Quake with a easy to use block based map editor. Now that is going to be a kick ass game!

Number 4: Shootmania Storm will be easy to get into.
There's no question that Storm will be a...

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The Angry Trackmania Nerd's TM/MP Reviews starting...16 Apr, 2012
  Cipher»LT (4 comments, 641 views) 
Yes, as you can see i'm going to start doing this soon. What inspired me to do it... well most of it had to do with AVGN, but i'm not really going to do in that direction with this. You may be wondering which direction i would go with this, i'm going in the direction of Angry Joe's reviews. Now yes i will be doing a few geared to the avgn style, but most of them will be in Angry Joe style.

As for how often i'll do one, it depends. I might do 4 a month, or i might d...

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