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You are listening to Professor Kliq! 11 Jul, 2017
  eyebo.wp (11 comments, 3118 views) 
We sometimes play games without thinking much about who made the music that sets the stage for it. But music is such an integral part of the experience.

Are you enjoying the TrackMania 2 Lagoon soundtrack? Be sure to give the guy who composed and produced it some love over on his Soundcloud. It was made by none other than Professor Kliq!

Click the album art below to listen. Be sure to like and repost the set...

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TM Interview Project - darkpuddle 11 Sep, 2013
 wormi (9 comments, 2076 views) 

Some people don't watch movies – they make them. In Trackmania, this guy is one of those who rather create their own films. Also, he is waiting 17th September 2013 more than most of us. Yep, it's darkpuddle! You can find more infomation about the project here. Gogo read it!


1. Do...

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TM Interview Project - GanjaRider 28 Aug, 2013
 wormi (14 comments, 3587 views) 

Yo boys and girls! This time I can present you an old member of TM community! When I told that I will publish this interview to my friend, his reaction was “is he still alive?” He's also known from some full throttle maps... yep, it's GanjaRider! You can find more infomation about the project here.

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TM Interview Project - wally 08 Aug, 2013
 wormi (9 comments, 1971 views) 

Has been a while from my last interview, once again! But don't worry, I haven't stopped! Now we have a guy from the land of forests and lakes... Not from Finland - He's wally, and he comes from Canada! You can find more infomation about the project here.


1. Could you tell us somet...

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TM Interview Project - Enai Siaion 29 Jun, 2013
 wormi (7 comments, 1530 views) 

Yeees, it's back! It has been a while, but now I can present you an interview with one Belgian guy, Enai Siaion! You can find more infomation about the project here. So let's get started...


1. Could you tell us something about yourself? 
Yes: 29, Belgium, game mods, Skyri...

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v.neck's new blocks review 23 Jun, 2013
 v.neck (15 comments, 2525 views) 
Hey peoples

and welcome to a TM2 Staidum - NEW BLOCKS !!! review done by v.neck. In this review I will cover pretty much every single of the new added blocks, their viability on modern (FS) tracks and give my very personal opinion on it. Now, this might come up a bit prematurely, since I haven't even built a legit track out of those new blocks yet, but I spent my last day and a half well testing and...

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The Stadium Bubble 05 Jun, 2013
 Forzyy (29 comments, 6004 views) 

It burst

Naveronasis: Blog2: Reviews and Thoughts on FS/Min... 30 Apr, 2013
 Naveronasis (7 comments, 1079 views) 
I got 2 new reviews for you. I had another review requested from a friend on the stream however I don't do canyon and am currently too bad to log a meaningful time but you can check out his map as well in the sidebar. I post my reviews on the individual pages and try to give them a full, written out log of my thoughts rather than a simple "aye mate good track here's your award"

So let me talk a little bit about how I feel about Full Speed (FS) maps and Mini.

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Naveronasis: First post/About. 29 Apr, 2013
 Naveronasis (1 comments, 868 views) 
Hello, My Name is Elie, my In-game name is Naveronasis.

So a little bit about me the person, I'm 28 I live in Alabama I have a career as a level designer for an undisclosed game development studio. Other than that my hobbies include making maps for other games.... like Trackmania!

So about me the map maker, I like to fancy my self a separatist as far as typical design goes, I prefer decorating maps to look like something (Read More
My 1st blog entry - Maps, Building Techniques and... 14 Apr, 2013
 Snake55wildcat (7 comments, 2740 views) 
(Disclaimer: This is my first ever blog entry I have ever made. for any website. ever, so bear with me I guess )

Maps, Tracks, Roller Coasters, whatever you wish to label them as.
The joys of making your own maps have never been as much as a pleasure than making the craziest ones imaginable, or even the subtle-side, regardless of it being a race-track or a neon-lightning battlefield. There is always ...

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