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Naveronasis: Blog2: Reviews and Thoughts on FS/Min...30 Apr, 2013
  Naveronasis (7 comments, 904 views) 
I got 2 new reviews for you. I had another review requested from a friend on the stream however I don't do canyon and am currently too bad to log a meaningful time but you can check out his map as well in the sidebar. I post my reviews on the individual pages and try to give them a full, written out log of my thoughts rather than a simple "aye mate good track here's your award"

So let me talk a little bit about how I feel about Full Speed (FS) maps and Mini.

Read More
Naveronasis: First post/About.29 Apr, 2013
  Naveronasis (1 comments, 707 views) 
Hello, My Name is Elie, my In-game name is Naveronasis.

So a little bit about me the person, I'm 28 I live in Alabama I have a career as a level designer for an undisclosed game development studio. Other than that my hobbies include making maps for other games.... like Trackmania!

So about me the map maker, I like to fancy my self a separatist as far as typical design goes, I prefer decorating maps to look like something (Read More
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