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Location: Home  Blogs  Naveronasis: First post/About. 
Naveronasis: First post/About.
Naveronasis: First post/About.29 Apr, 2013
  Naveronasis (1 comments, 720 views)  
Hello, My Name is Elie, my In-game name is Naveronasis.

So a little bit about me the person, I'm 28 I live in Alabama I have a career as a level designer for an undisclosed game development studio. Other than that my hobbies include making maps for other games.... like Trackmania!

So about me the map maker, I like to fancy my self a separatist as far as typical design goes, I prefer decorating maps to look like something (Invasion!) or have only functional scenery (Iron Ram) (tracks that redouble back on them self as a means of scenery) I prefer maps that are longer, (45s->1:30) and maps that require you to plan, brake, drift, slide, jump to win. That being said as far as it goes it seems to be love hate with my maps.

I do in fact host my own server as well Nav's Custom Tracks out of Alabama that exclusively runs sort of a top 30 of my own tracks, That being said i only revived a few personal picks from TMF and need to fill out with new tracks like my latest work and first TM2 exclusive "Rave Machine"

All my maps have custom Music, Intro, GPS, and Signage, made by me personally, and while I don't publicly disclose my host all those arrows are available publicly though Mania Park.

Aside from that I stream all of my map building and will likely stream game-play in the future as well though twitch. Visit on MX Forum

Im going to start trying to do one stadium map review per day, right now im just searching in the tracks section but if you want to comment and request a review ill look at anything and tell you what I think in detail, Check out my first review of Nibor's Track Fly Fats_

Anyway that's enough out of me! I look forward to your comments!
1 comment(s).
  arzgaa writes ... 16, May, 2013  
Hey there!

I did read that review award thing of yours and I just want to mention I appreciate that someone else is taking their time with giving proper feedback about tracks and stuff. That's what the site is for and it's great to see people utilizing the features to the fullest ;)
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