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TM Interview Project - darkpuddle
TM Interview Project - darkpuddle11 Sep, 2013
   wormi (9 comments, 1877 views)  

Some people don't watch movies – they make them. In Trackmania, this guy is one of those who rather create their own films. Also, he is waiting 17th September 2013 more than most of us. Yep, it's darkpuddle! You can find more infomation about the project here. Gogo read it!


1. Do you often puddle in a dark puddle?
Yes, yes I do.

2. Could you tell us something about yourself?
My name is Marco, 18 from London, UK. I study Graphic Design at College and I’m starting University next year. My hobbies include photography, video editing and long walks. I like to go on trips around Europe such as Italy to climb mountains and take some nice photos. I am active on YouTube creating Trackmania videos and I also love playing GTA 4.

3. How and when did you find Trackmania?
Well back in 2006 my friend was playing it at his house (Trackmania Nations) and he asked me if I wanted to play. When I started to play I found it really fun so I downloaded it at home, and well, let’s just say it took over my life for a couple of years until I realised school is a little more important.

4. You're known as a mapper and a movie maker, but how do you describe yourself as a Trackmania player?
I’m part of a small Dutch clan called superLol – we drive lol maps on our server in TMNF and TM2. It’s fun to just relax in the evening and play some hard lol maps! I also play a lot of tech on Trackmania 2 Valley because I enjoy the car physics and the nice community. Every week I try to participate in the weekly KO in TM2, sometimes I fail but I think I came 4th once :p

5. Your movies like Dark Earth are the biggest ever made in TM. Why do you make those movies?
I really enjoy films and the film industry, I pretty much go and watch any film that interests me at the cinema. So I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot about film styles and camera techniques etc. I just wanted to push the limits of Trackmania using my own little story. Since 2009, I’ve been making story videos In Trackmania for fun and to show my friends. It’s a great way to improve my video editing techniques and it’s also the most rewarding to watch the finished video.

6. Lighten us your way to make videos, step by step.
Right, first off I write down the story/plot of the video down on paper – I also sometimes listen to music to inspire me. Then I set up the story by making the environments, scenery and characters (cars, objects etc). Once that’s all done, I find music that fits with the story I want to make.Then I start to shoot the replays and I edit them in the mediatracker within TM, I experiment with cameras and colour to make it look nice ^^. Once I render the clips, I usually add any effects that need to be done in Adobe After Effects. Finally I edit all the clips together in Sony Vegas, adding sound, music, text and all that. For really long videos this can take a couple of months.

7. What projects you’re currently have on, or is it a secret?
Right now I am working on a new story video called ‘Horizon’, about a team of space explorers who discover something standing in the distance when they visit a planet. This will all be done in TM2 and maybe shootmania too.

8. Cool! You also make music by yourself. When did you start it?
I began doing music years ago; I think it was in 2007 I just started playing with instruments, making music. So I put most of my work on SoundCloud for people to listen to.

9. The mediatracker in TM2 has some more effects than TMF one. What do you think about them?
They are MUCH better than TMF. The new effect such as the ‘Depth of Field’ (which makes the camera focus on different parts of the scene) really helps to make my videos more interesting. Also it is quicker than using the FX blur in TMNF. ‘Editing Cut’ is also very useful when I only want to render a small section of a replay.

10. Do you drive other environments than stadium(s)?
Yes, I drive Valley a lot in TM2 because it is fun to play and the new blocks are interesting. I don’t really drive on Canyon because I don’t find it as interesting as stadium or valley.

11. Which is the most important map to you that you have built?
I suppose it would have to be ‘Frozen Spirit’ back in TMNF exchange. It was the first track I spent a lot of time on and it probably was the track that gave me a place in TMX. After that I got more confident with making tracks because I got some good feedback from other players on how to improve.

12. Your top 3 websites & movies.
1. YouTube
2. TM-Tube / TMX – these are tied I can’t decide which is better but I love them both.
3. 9gag – I know but I love this site so much too funny.
1. Dark Knight
2. Inception
3. The Prestige
I am a huge Christopher Nolan fan which is probably why this top 3 is his own films.

13. Your taste with movie is good I'd say! But Windows Movie Maker is good enough for Trackmania videos, isn't it?
It depends what type of video you want to create. I started off my video editing using movie maker back in 2008 – It was good because it had a simple layout and it was easy to use. However, when I wanted to create more complex videos with effects and titles, it just didn’t help for me. I would say if you are starting off video editing, definatly go with movie Maker as it is easy and free, but if you want to try something more different and creative, try downloading some trials for other software like After Effects and Sony Vegas. These are powerful editing tools and it will help you a lot in creating your ideal video. But prepare to spend a lot of time learning how to use them!

14. Which is the best block in Trackmania?
The best block for me is that black platform road you can use (the one with the curved edges). I love this block it’s great for transitions and jumps, it also looks nice on the ground.

15. Many call it rooftop I think. Who are your favorite mappers?
Let me try to remember my favourite mappers from a couple of years ago lol.
1. Benbe – He is my friend and his tracks have a great flow and style that I don’t normally see in other tracks.
2. Answer – Great mapper with some cool tracks for drifting!
3. W!cked – I love his tracks, he makes them big and exciting and he takes advantage of the large stadium environment.
4. Cyber Dragon – When I started mapping he was the first guy I enjoyed playing tracks on. Nice scenery and transtitional tracks.
5. Crusard – This guy is amazing I can’t believe how he can create a whole story with the mediatracker in TM!

16. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
I had Pizza the other day and I ordered a margherita which I always have. I've never tried pineapple on pizza so next time I will.

17. It doesn't. Describe yourself with four words.
Crazy creative weird person

18. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
Thanks for interviewing me! It’s great to share my TM life with everyone and also thanks to everyone I have met in my TM career who has helped me and become friends with. Also thanks Nadeo for making the game lol.
Also my TM videos are here on my channel

Thanks for your answer darkpuddle! :] Cya next time!

All comments saying that pineapple belongs on pizza are wrong, and I don't respect your opinion.- wormi
9 comment(s).
  gado writes ... 30, Jan, 2014  
I love how the comments are about pizza C: omnomnom
  Podel writes ... 20, Sep, 2013  
:d yeah i was thinking that
   basbaas»LT writes ... 19, Sep, 2013  
Don't do it Darkpuddle! Pineapple on pizza tastes awful.
  gado writes ... 16, Sep, 2013  
I always make pizza myself.. should I add pineapple next time? :p
nice interview btw ^^
  Joost writes ... 12, Sep, 2013  
Blur depth was already in TMNF right? Or has it been optimized for TM2? Otherwise a nice interview :)
   wormi writes ... 11, Sep, 2013  
That pizza sucks. :d
  .zapph' writes ... 11, Sep, 2013  
cool interview :d

and Pineapple DOES belong on a Pizza..
>> see Hawaiian Pizza

  tcq writes ... 11, Sep, 2013  
Nice interview and who cares about pizza?
  XT»Marti writes ... 11, Sep, 2013  

seriously though, nice interview ^^
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