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TM Interview Project - magic-wb
TM Interview Project - magic-wb01 Jul, 2014
  wormi (2 comments, 1355 views)  

Hi! Do you like your car flying with 720 spins through objects placed around the map? Yes or no, today we have a stunt driver magic-wb, who does that quite often! You can find more information about the project here. Enjoy reading!


1. Could you tell us something about yourself?
I'm french , born in 1976 , my home is in ardeche (near "les gorges de l'ardeche" where many peoples come for canoe). I'm gardener and love the beauty of the nature. I play didgeridoo since 17 years, those vibrations are sometimes so close to the universal feeling of love.
I travelled a lot all over earth to meet all the ways of living , all the beautys of our world. I'm now more sticky to my home & familly but my spirit is still "universal". I wish to all to find this kind of love one day.

2. How and when did you find Trackmania?
I discovered TM when TMN was out, i was really enjoying it, even if i'm a bad racer. When TMU came out i discoverd the world of stunt & since i'm addict to it.

3. You are a stunt driver in Trackmania. What is stunting?
Stunting is first a lot of fun by flying with a car & making tricks but it can be very technical too to make big scores. The main things to success on a stunt map are: keep the speed, keep the chain (combo tricks), alternate tricks (twice the same trick give lowest points the second time), using air control sometimes to land good, find the best trajectory for each jump & find the best run.

4. Why do you stunt if you could also race?
I stunt because i love jumping & flying ^^ Also in stunt if you fail at one jump you still can go to end map & make a great score (in race, one cp to late in time & restart needed coz time is red forever to end). I feel more free on stunt & more fun for me. The spirit of this community is very nice, in TM2 as TMUF (even if i don't play much tmu ) i love canyon car in stunts ^^

5. How big and active is the stunting community now? Do you have some competitions?
The community in TM2 is not very big but all are here for fun & that's why we made this title (Spai & Pastis are making a huge work on it, especially with objects for editor, game mods developing gestionnary server with many functions, etc ...) Actually the fire team is doing a june cup, our team plans to do stunt mapping contests & maybe a cup in autumn.
With "this title" magic means a stunt titlepack in TM2!

6. Who are the best stunt drivers ever in your opinion?
Ever , Gr Bishop ,Scary Baby , on TM2 Susan , Junge & Spai.

7. While trying Nadeo's stunt maps I have always wondered what kind of tricks actually give you most points. Could you lighten the logic to us a bit?
There is few factors that give more points on tricks (what ever the trick is): the rotation of the car (360° or 1440° don't give same points^^), the lenght of the jump (landing 10 meters ahead give less points than 100 meters ), the landing itself (master is the best (no air control & landing 4 wheels same time), straight is when landing 4 wheels but with air control before to increase rotations. So landing is a real clue to make big scores tricks but the way of jumping is important too, the best trajectory for the bigest rotation possible & landing in the right place. The tricks themself are not equal in possibilitys of rotations, the spinning mix is easier to success in big rotations than the simple spin for example. One of the skill to get in stunt is to let the car go masters & rebound sometimes with controls to stay in the trajectory of the map.

8. How is stunting in Trackmania 2?
I love TM2 Canyon car for stunting , it's a mix of coast, island & desert cars in tmuf. Valley is nice too but harder, kind of Canyon with no rebounds. Stadium is really hard, always need air control landings, we call it turtle mod^^ but fun too. The stunters community is always nice to friends & new players. Be sure that you can spec anybody to look how to play & ask questions for tips or best trajectory & tricks. Fun is the main word of Stunt.

9. Bay is a common stunt environment but which one is your favorite?
Canyon ^^

10. Do you have some favorite maps in Trackmania series?
Hard to say, so many good maps in stunt, technical maps, luck maps, each mapper has his style. For race map idk, i rarely play race.

11. Do you follow competitive TM on stadium and other environments?
Not really, even if i wish TM2 reach esport cups.

12. Your favorite.. media stuff.
DPstream for movies & series, Utube for fun videos & listening radios from all over the world.

13. If you would win a million dollars right now, what would you do with it?
Fix my car ,travel in the countrys i haven't been & trying to make something to help people all over earth to learn what they need to evolve in the best way.

14. Describe yourself with four words.
Shy, Empathic, Spiritual, Free

15. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
A pleasure to answer this interview, nice questions . I wish the best to TM2 for esport worldwide, i hope some players will come to play stunt for fun, even just few minutes to relax after racing^^ I made a basic tuto stunt & objects mapping. See them here.

Thanks for your nice answers magic! I hope you enjoyed this short peek to stunters' world! :)
2 comment(s).
  tcq writes ... 08, Jul, 2014  
Nice interview. I tried sometimes stunt, but gave up frustrated as I could never get any rhythm in these maps or didn't understand how to "let go" of the car as I'm a stupid tech driver :d
  magic-wb writes ... 02, Jul, 2014  
Stunts is a crazy world ^^ Ever fun & open to all to jump all over :)
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