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TM Interview Project - 20-100
TM Interview Project - 20-10004 Aug, 2014
  wormi (11 comments, 2470 views)  

Hello guys! This time I can present you a Frenchman who has a lot racing experience in all environments of Trackmania, and has done a lot else too. Say hi to 20-100! You can find more information about the project here. Enjoy!


1. Why is your nickname 2o-1o.O?
Hello! Haha yes my nickname is hard to understand (especially for non-french speakers). My nickname at its basic is simply 20-100. When you pronounce it in French, you say: "Vincent", which is my name! Then I wanted to do write a little bit... Funnier haha! So it changed from 20-100 to 2o-1o.O' . This is the only reason!
I like this nickname, it has a lot of pronounciation depending the language you speak, which is cool in my opinion! Such as : "Twenty Hundred", "Swanschunnad" (Thanks Simply!)...
If in case you read this interview, meet me on the game, and you are too lazy to write "20-100", just call me Vince. It's enough!

2. Could you tell us something about yourself?
So my name is Vincent H. I'm 20, French (Not Swiss! Sorry my dear CMC mates!) and I live in France, next to Geneva. I am a student, I study Networks and Telecommunications. I've passed my first two years at university and I'm going to continue for three other years near Chambéry. I'm not really a Geek or a Gamer. I just play Trackmania (90% of the time I play), Minecraft, Battlefield and Call of Duty sometimes. Nothing more! I like listening to music, I listen most of the time electronic/EDM music such as Dubstep/ Trap/ Drum'n Bass/ Psytrance/ Electro-Swing... But I'm also a fan of Metal/ Deathcore etc... I like art in general too! I'm also drawing (psychedelics), and I'm also planning to learn photography and music! When I have free time I like to go out with my friends to Festivals/ Concerts or just chilling... Playing with my Indian Staff, watching shits on the internet etc, chatting...
In Trackmania I am a CMC member on TMU, and aAa player on TM² Stadium. I have no team on Canyon and Valley. I had the chance to learn the game thanks to amazing players from my different teams (5ocC => LM => TnT => CMC and NoG => BX3 => Awsomniac => aAa). I was also the Captain of the French Canyon team during TNC1 (with YoshiYo) and TNC3. I'm not really a good mapper and skinner haha! But sometimes I like to build and create some things for fun! And I play with an Xbox360 pad.
And I'm also a commentator of StubbyTV (I'm inactive at the moment, I don't have enough free time to play or even comments...) and I wrote some articles on the aAa website (I hope others will come soon when I will be able to find time to!)

3. How and when did you find Trackmania?
I discovered Trackmania in 2006. I was once watching the news of jeuxvidéo.com and I found a video of the game and some tests. As I like racing games it convinced me and it was free! I liked it during the first seconds, the gameplay, the community, the crazy possibilities to build maps, customing cars...

4. You are best known as a league driver. What was your first league ever?
I guess that my first league was the United League 2 (UL2). I played it with my first team 5ocC. We played in a low division (something like div 5) and we finished 4th I guess... I don't really remember!

5. During the years you have gained many good results in TMUF, like 3rd place in Giant Cup 8 and winning all team leagues of ET at least once. Which one of them is most important to you?
What a great question! Haha, it's so hard to say... Every leagues that I won with my teams and Giant Cup were so intense and crazy... I have very good souvenirs about all of them! If I think a lot about it... I have a little preference for my first team winning and my results during the Giant Cup8!
My first title was with the LM team. They decided to leave me a chance to play and improve with them in Division 1 for the LE10. We had the LE9 title, so we had to fight to keep it! It was really hard for me to play the first matches in a good level. But I improved fastly. We lost against TEP in the first phase of the league, and we played again against them for the final... We had to do all our best to beat them. And we did it after a really intense match! We won! I will always remember this moment, all the LM team shouting on Teamspeak, we were so happy!
But also the most important competition and result in my eyes is the Giant Cup 8. I finished 6th during the GC7 (if I'm right...) and I was really motivated to do better for the next edition. I trained a lot and I was one of the favourite of the competition. During the final I was really stressed, I wasn't as good as expected during the 4-5 first maps, I was 5th or something... But then I did a crazy comeback on Snow and Bay, my best environments! Run after run I was winning a lot of points, and I finished 3rd! And the 1st French player... It was also a CMC podium (Maruk, Zooz and me), definitely amazing! I think that during this period, I was at my top level of the game.

6. Marius 89 ranked you as the best bay driver in the interview with him, and many others think that too. What is your secret?
Hahaha! Thank you Marius, and all the others who think the same... it's really nice! I don't really know. It is my favourite environment, so I like to play it during hours. This environment is not too hard to understand, just going as fast as possible and turning... I just like to take all the risks possible to win a few cents, and trying to avoid drifts and two wheels. When I play Bay, I'm "tapping" the joystick of my gamepad, it's not as rally were if you have to turn slowly and consistently... If you see what I'm trying to explain haha!

7. When canyon came out, you were part of NoG that dominated the environment. What was the reason you succeeded so well? Again in Marius's interview he stated that klovni was the biggest single reason for that.
Aaaaah I don't really agree with Marius! It is not (only) thanks to klovni that we were so good in my opinion. Even if klovni helped us a lot during, he was the best of the team (and Canyon player in general)! I think it is because we had a solid line-up, with strong players and a great atmosphere. NoG was created by Figos, Pranksta, Marius and me. 4 good TMU players, who had enough experiences and motivations to do something good on Canyon. We all played/trained together a lot, we knew eachother, it was easy to organize for every matches. And thanks to that, we also learned the gameplay really fastly. If one of us had problems, NoG was there to help him to improve his times and regularity. We were all very good players!

8. Nowadays you have driven mostly stadium in aAa, former 3DMAX squad. What made you concentrate on it?
I decided to move on Stadium because I was really bored of Canyon... And I don't like Valley at all... I always liked the Stadium gameplay, and this is the last "version/ environment" of the game where I didn't win a major online tournament... I also wanted to see what it feels like to play against huge players of Division 1 teams. I had the chance, at the begining of the ESL CPS 12, to meet Snaky, our captain. I chatted a bit with him and he decided to give me a chance to play with them, for 3DMAX! I was really motivated. I improved a lot during this season, and TMM too...

9. Will Trackmania will stay an active eSports game? What do you think about the future of the game overall? We have lately seen new teams like aAa and PENTA etc getting in at least.
I think that Stadium has his chance to stay active on the scene. As you say, new structures appeared on the game as : Penta, aAa and Pyrogen a little bit before for exemple. There are still a lot of players playing it, a lot of events, competitions... But I think it won't be as before, not as the first years of TMN ESWC... Not enough support in my opinion.
About Canyon and Valley... It is another story... I don't think they have a chance to be active as an eSport game. There are not enough active and motivated players to create events and participate to them. I see these games dying... And this is sad.

10. Who are the best drivers in Trackmania in your opinion?
I think that the best Trackmania player (all environments) is Sandder. He's a true legend for me. And also a nice guy. After a long break, he didn't lose all his skills, and he is still impressing on all the environments.

I'll try to do a little classment per environments :
Snow : Kaka
Desert : Maruk
Rally : Devil - Blackcat (hard to decide!)
Island : Novem
Coast : Tona - Paf (Both crazy imo)
Bay : Sandder
Stadium : Carl Jr
Canyon : Pac
Valley : I don't know haha!

I know that a lot of people won't agree with some of my choses haha! But all these players impressed me (or are still impressing me) a lot for there regularity, learning skills and world records.

11. Your top 3 websites, games, songs & movies.
Top 3 websites:
- www.deviantart.com
- www.4chan.org
- www.youtube.com
Top 3 games:
- Trackmania
- Minecraft
- Final Fantasy X
Top 3 songs:
I'll do it per genres I listen the most!
EDM music :
- Datsik – East Side Swing
- Hucci – Cashmere
- Excision & Space Laces (Destroid) – Bounce
Metal/Deathcore... :
- Being As An Ocean – The Hardest Part...
- Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver
- La Dispute – King Park
Top 3 movies:
- Enter The Void
- Spirited Away
- OSS 117 (1st and 2nd movie)

12. What does a dream baguette include?
Baguette is love, Baguette is life. I Just need a picture to answer it.
Nah, my dreamed baguette is a mix between my favourite mapper and nicest guy I met on the game: XvX, and a karting noob: Tona (hehe :p ).

13. Do you have any favorite maps you want to mention?
Yes of course! I must mention Palaver by Caiman and Over The Rainbow by XvX.

14. You have also built some maps. Will we still see new maps one day in the future?
Maybe one day! I hope that I'll find the motivation to build some. And maybe they'll be chosen for a league. I have a lot of tests maps, or unfinished projects! But I never released them...

15. Describe yourself with four words.
Jovial, Curious, Kind, Perfectionist

16. If you have something else to say, please write it here.
Thanks a lot for this interview with really interesting questions! I had fun answering them :) and I hope you had fun reading it!
I'll try to play some competitions again, even if it is harder and harder to find the time to play... Thanks to all players that I met on the game, Trackmania has the best community I have ever seen on a video game. Keep it! Much love guys!
If you are curious you can check my Deviantart and the video made by Tona with my best runs.

Thanks for your answers Vince, it was a pleasure to read them for me! See you later guys! :)
11 comment(s).
  wormi writes ... 13, Aug, 2014  
Yeah, during the time of your interview it was so, and as your answer was long as always I had to shorten it so it seems a bit out of context :d
 Marius 89 writes ... 13, Aug, 2014  
Sometimes we called you just -80:p

Btw: My first league was UL2, we (BigsLimited) played in Div5 anf got 1st. I think I even can remember we indeed played against 5ocC, guess there was a Dengel Bay in the mappack, funny story!

If I remember well I said Zaitsev is the best TA player in Bay, but I ranked you as best Rounds player. I think you deserve that, Bay has many players who can do well and not just 1 or 2, but you have been always on the top. Sandder is also a good choice, but he was driving keyboard during my interview I guess, now he's absolutely top again, like previous UL also showed!

About the thing with klovni: it's a bit out of context, I named him as best Canyon driver back then cause of his TGC1 and ESWC win, and wrote then that he was also an important factor for winning TWL0/1, but I fully agree with 20-100. NoG had an awesome atmosphere, all players were motivated in TWL0 and we had a solid lineup with 6-7 players who were all on an equal level and could have played the map. Anyway without klovni, it would have been a lot harder to win the leagues, his performance in the matches was always very important for the result of the team. Anyway nowadays it's just obvious that Pac is the best player in Canyon.
 gado writes ... 07, Aug, 2014  
wormi says:
12. What does a dream baguette include?
Asking the important questions =p
  HaagseSmurf writes ... 06, Aug, 2014  
You are right Wormi, the question referred was about Esport. But isnt ESL all about Esport?
Or are you more talking about big Lan-events, such as ESWC or smaller events as Opale 6 etc ? ;)
But indeed in Canyon there is not much of a Esport-scene, it however is still indeed a small but very active great community. (btw thx for your awesome track http://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/68686/summer-14-gunmetal-black)

Enough discussion here, its a bit of topic of this nice interview, i am sorry for that!!
So back on topic!
  wormi writes ... 06, Aug, 2014  
Remember that we were talking about eSports scene. There canyon and especially valley are a way less populated, even though fun playing and mapping are going strong ^^
  HaagseSmurf writes ... 06, Aug, 2014  
@wormi I know:d But the concept of that tournament was now well used in Canyon this year before it was used this year in Stadium. Its to show more about what is going on right now, at this moment that events are taking place, ideas are there.
Look at what people are doing right now with the embedded objects:
13 Downloads of new objects are shared there, only 1 of those downloads is for stadium.
Check http://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/68064/seamless or http://tm.mania-exchange.com/tracks/68375/venom whats possible now. Maybe i am a bit overexcited=p but its just to show Canyon is alive;)
  wormi writes ... 06, Aug, 2014  
@Haagse: Nations Cup by ET was there years before canyon tho :p
  HaagseSmurf writes ... 06, Aug, 2014  
Very nice interview !

"2o-1o.O" says:
About Canyon and Valley... It is another story... I don't think they have a chance to be active as an eSport game. There are not enough active and motivated players to create events and participate to them. I see these games dying... And this is sad.

Sad to hear you think Canyon and Valley are dying. For Valley i might sadly have to agree with you.
For Canyon however i happily see a daily increase of players (even when its summer now) and i also see a lot of nice events these days.
Just check http://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewtopic.php?f=268&t=14176&start=40 to see what is going on. And you know, if there are'nt players there wont be events and vice-versa;)

Btw did you knew the ESL-CCC Countryship in Canyon started even before the ESL-CCC Countryship in stadium ?
So herebye just an invite to see whats going on in Canyon as well.
For starters try to make a nice team for the ESL Canyon Endurance Premiership
(more info at http://www.esl.eu/eu/tm2/news/240932/) where you can sign up a team before friday, the 29th of August. Youre welcome to join!

 erikfzr writes ... 05, Aug, 2014  
Nice :)
 tcq writes ... 04, Aug, 2014  
Zwanns, I love you <3
Great interview to read and I'll always remember WTF(y)
 Mazer writes ... 04, Aug, 2014  
A fresh interview from wormi :d
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