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Daily Challenge - Update17 Jan, 2015
  Mazer (2 comments, 759 views) 
Some news about the daily challenges

=> Last blog entry
=> Forum topic
=> Server

I've started to spend more and more...

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Daily Challenge03 Jan, 2015
  Mazer (3 comments, 948 views) 
As some of you may already know I've started a new series at the beginning of this year. It's called daily challenge and as the name might already suggest there is a new track everyday; quite short (5-15 secs) and of course a bit challenging.

Although I'm doing this for fun the winner gets 50 Planets . But even if you aren't the fastest I'd be very satisfied when you are participating...

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[Mazer] - 2 new videos25 Mar, 2013
  Mazer (0 comments, 996 views) 
Two weeks ago I told you that I would upload a video on Youtube every week. I'm sorry I wasn't able to do that last weekend but now it's uploaded and also the video for this week is .

The first video is from the MX crew on Canyon 1. I took three other replays I found on MX and merged them into one video
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[Mazer] A couple of things - overview09 Mar, 2013
  Mazer (2 comments, 1180 views) 
I want to start a couple of things now and just right now I don't know where to begin .

At first I will post things here every weekend cause I can't drive etc. from Monday to Friday . The content may differ from time to time, but the following things are planned:

    -> A Video every weekend - <...

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