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Daily Challenge - Update
Daily Challenge - Update17 Jan, 2015
 Mazer (2 comments, 811 views)  
Some news about the daily challenges :)

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I've started to spend more and more time on each track to make the tracks more attractive. The downside of that is that I will probably not be able to make tracks daily. I have the idea to maybe switch to upload a track once a week or so which would result in better maps and probably longer maps (if you want so). But I want to get your opinion on these things first so I made a questionnaire.

I am waiting for your feedback - don't hold back if you see things you don't like and have ideas to improve this project :).

greetings and a hug, Mazer
2 comment(s).
 Mazer writes ... 01, Feb, 2015  
I've got four answers so far :). I will probably change to a weekly system for multiple reasons (private, motivational, participation, prizes, and a few more)

Thanks for your feedback - more information on the next update (probably next week) (y)
 gado writes ... 26, Jan, 2015  
How many answers do you have so far?
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