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Daily Challenge
Daily Challenge03 Jan, 2015
 Mazer (3 comments, 1010 views)  
As some of you may already know I've started a new series at the beginning of this year. It's called daily challenge and as the name might already suggest there is a new track everyday; quite short (5-15 secs) and of course a bit challenging.

Although I'm doing this for fun the winner gets 50 Planets :). But even if you aren't the fastest I'd be very satisfied when you are participating - and that doesn't have to be every day ;).

For more Information go to the forum topic. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines. =p

Greetings, Mazer

PS: Happy new year everyone(l)
3 comment(s).
 bcs'VividReamer writes ... 07, Jan, 2015  
This is similar in idea to our team competition (we do it about once a month) but it's great for the wider community to get involved with.. Sadly i don't race Canyon so will not be competing.
"Now if someone was to begin a Stadium challenge then maybe i woul....";)
 Mazer writes ... 07, Jan, 2015  
Also mentioned it in the forum - I now got a server thanks to reaby who is allowing me to use it for this project. A big thanks for that(l) .

What are you waiting for? Go and the server and crush the times of everyone else :p.

Wait how should you do that without knowing where to find the server, right? Here you go ;) and as always have fun!
 gado writes ... 05, Jan, 2015  
Posted replays :cool: I think this could get me hooked
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