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[Mazer] A couple of things - overview
[Mazer] A couple of things - overview09 Mar, 2013
 Mazer (2 comments, 1266 views)  
I want to start a couple of things now and just right now I don't know where to begin:$ .

At first I will post things here every weekend cause I can't drive etc. from Monday to Friday:@ . The content may differ from time to time, but the following things are planned:

    -> A Video every weekend - My Channel (already some vids) - DCR Channel (empty so far)
    -> betatesting of your maps (ask per pm/only at the weekends! prefer tech) more: Beta-test thread
    -> MTC judging - what's MTC?
    -> a clancampaign, may need a while - our clan
    -> besides that you can meet me ingame at the smurfscup, the MX-KO and Race of Champions (Saturday 19:00, Saturday 20:30, Sunday 15:00 - all times GMT)

Questions and comments below - I would like some comments ;)

I'm sorry but I have to tell you this week the planned video isn't coming. It's only a delay caused by different things - so you may expect two new videos next weekend.

the two videos are uploaded - this weeks blogpost
2 comment(s).
  MrA writes ... 15, Mar, 2013  
The blogs are about comment and opinion, discussion and argument, observations, exploring ideas, expressing concerns, questioning and even ranting if the mood takes. They can also be about simple entertainment, puzzles, quiz or fun items.

If promoting events, competitions, projects or websites, try to also make these kind of blog entries topical and not just like advertising.

So.. you have various topics, projects, interests, events in mind, many could fit into what a blog article is about, but this article on its own isn't quite anything.
 SPIDER writes ... 11, Mar, 2013  
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