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User Information
Username :   FT»lolig (349)
Registered : Friday, August 19, 2011 (3318 days ago)
Website :
Location : Belgium 
User Comments
hello, and first off all thanks for reading my info :p

so my ingame name is lolig, it came from a dutch word for something funny, but back in the days of tmo I wrote it a bit wrong so it became lolig and not lollig as intended.

anyways I always kept my ingame name this way I don't know why but I liked it more in the end :p

My real name is something completelly different from my nickname, since my name is: Jarno Van den Bergh, I Live in Belgium, Beveren-city.
I'm born on 26th june 1992.

so, in virtual life I'm a Gamer/ music Producer.
The past years I switch to the techno and underground Rave genres variating between heavy Dark stuff and chill out melodic downtempo. On the gaming part I lost a lot of free time due to New job in the beginning of 2019. And Well I also spend more time on games such as Destiny 2, and cities skyline on ps4.

Seldom I play games on my pc the past years.

To be honest I do miss my time in trackmania. But as my job demands me to be on stand-by most of the time. I work more often on music when I got the time to do.

my specialities on tm²(used to be, as when I do open tm2 I'm out of idea's, inspiration or lack the skills to drive as it should):
- canyon "slow"fullspeed tracks or "lolig"-tracks as some loyal fans called them a few years back.
- canyon speedtech
- valley fullspeed transitional
- both valley and canyon: overusage of objects to make sick things :d (I love that!, Well not on the Same level as Falkers, Solux, Lovedrift or Airneko. [Airneko only has been with us for a short time but he was a genius in full speed transitional maps, Falkers only released a map once in a long time.. But darn his epic idea's were Worth the wait, Solux Creator of envimix and many items. Lovedrift I par with Airneko]

ok so I think this is enough for my virtual life part.

Lets go on to my Real life.

So since a year and half i'm being part of an emergency response service in the Chemical sector. Got many certificates, such as safety, fireman, ADR, Almost any machine used in a harbor. And we do cover Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg. Wich makes me spend a lot of time at work.
We specialize in solving chemical accidents, leaks (industrial, on public roads, boats, planes, trains) we work for the goverment for dismantling drug labs, destroy products made there, for the army at the bomb division, in hospitals to dispose highly biohazardous waste and decontamition when something went wrong...

well that explains my real life info to now :p


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