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Location: Home  Blogs  Best rally tracks ever. add your own. 
Best rally tracks ever. add your own.
Best rally tracks ever. add your own.29 May, 2012
  SPIDER (9 comments, 1591 views)  
Dont miss the rally tracks here on mx they are awesome. you will have hours of fun
per each track and there is 5 at the moment.
They involve brake and are very challengeing, almost like a real rally
I only played the 2 first so far.

Dont miss them. and don´t drive without mt work, becouse then the tracks are bad in a way.

btw: you can skip the mod, and i personally think the normal canyon is best, anyway at the 2 first stages imo. go on and try them
good luck and have fun i did ^^

ps. if you have a rally track post it here. ;)
9 comment(s).
   wraith writes ... 16, Oct, 2012  
first things first thx for using my tracks :)

Co-Driver lol funny thing i have done Co-Driving in real life, we have a mk1 escort full wrc spec, its now getting
a full blown cosworth rebuild to be put back on the road, but still keeping the rally look to it...

Co-Driver in game: i would have loved to added the easy right, hard left, warning tree outside, or to add something like
100 fast right into hard left, warning over bump,hard right...or we could have use these as well..100 5 right into 2 left warning over bump 2 right...

thing is guys at the end of the day alot of people may not have understanded the 5 right, 2 left idea..
so kept it very the other side is Canyon is to blame, this game was never ment to be a rally car game
i mean not a true rally car game..
also when building the media its a huge work do the in-game media like voices and signs can take a hell of alot of time
not days but weeks, then running and testing to see if its in its right places !

So what is a rally game not this ! what is a co driver a guy who can save your life...belive me i have been very close to
hitting a tree going side ways at over 80mph on gravel roads in forest's ok it is scary but its a blast as well..

i just wanted to try and bring the rally feeling to Canyon hope you's enjoyed the WR Projects, sadly stopped for now, but never know may come back again, just need a good mod maybe to spark me into action

thanks again for using my tracks :)
  Enai Siaion writes ... 03, Jun, 2012  
@SPIDER: After the usual amounts of vodka and in between makeshift bungee jumping for Youtube and racing snowmobiles, the locals decided the rally needed to be more like the X-Games and built a few jumps and a banked curve out of concrete removed from their apartment blocks, without telling the organisers. Because this is Russia.

@Hans Holo: It's basically what Nadeo intended with those road blocks, meaning there is a very limited audience for them because you actually need to know how to drive as opposed to gluing down the accelerator, tapping the brake before every corner and complaining about unsmooth tracks when it doesn't work.
  SPIDER writes ... 02, Jun, 2012  
@Enai, you welcome (y)
Your rally track added to the left. ;)
good work. (y)
wall ride in a rally track your funny, :cool:=p

glad to hear that. :)
  Enai Siaion writes ... 02, Jun, 2012  
Success! ;)

[Rally Leninskaya]

Thanks for the inspiration. :cool:
  Hans Holo writes ... 01, Jun, 2012  
Every day I learn something new.
Thank you Spider.
  Enai Siaion writes ... 31, May, 2012  
Inspirational! One rally track coming up... :cool:
  SPIDER writes ... 30, May, 2012  
Hans Holo says:
What is a Rally Track?

haha, good one.

A rally track is a track where you drive on tricky thin road with some jumping, and you need a co driver to avoid crashing into something, but the co driver is not all, you still need to drive from A - B, and some luck. ;)

co-driver is a driver that tell you how the road looks like and where to go, :$ well i mean drive=p , and he warn about obsticle and stuff.
  Hans Holo writes ... 30, May, 2012  
What is a Rally Track?
  RickOstidich writes ... 29, May, 2012  
@Spider: thanks a lot for pointing out!!
I'm having a great deal of fun!!
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