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random chatting and a fistful of clay [part #4]26 Sep, 2012
  md (5 comments, 598 views) 
ehy hòp guys.
it's about time for another senseless blog entry by this douche.

guess you now know nadeo updated the game with the 'object importer' feature. in case you don't, go here and check it out. some dudes there are already testing the new possibilities (which are really huge. it will be possibile to even make objects as cp in a future update) ...

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random chatting and a warm beer [part #3]14 Jul, 2012
  md (2 comments, 855 views) 
long time no see.(*now that's a great starter isn't it?)

ok so, i just found some interesting tracks that get no attention by the community because they're all screaming for sm.
advice: they're not "typical" tracks, but lay on the avant-garde side of building, i guess.

[does that even mean anything?]

anyway, stop the blabbling and start the racing.

#1 cold fragile infernal rituals by uzon....

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random chatting and a pall mall [part #2] 23 Mar, 2012
  md (5 comments, 853 views) 
let's start this one with a question.
why do most people here seem to think that smooth is good?
i mean, really. why are no-bouncing jumps considered better than weird/lucky/scrappy ones?
i'm not saying smooth=bad, but i can't understand why unsmooth=bad seems to be a divine law here.
"oheee! jumps are bumpy! this track sucks!" screw you.

as far as i remember, smooth tracks always have been rewarded with a considerable amount of shiny c...

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random chatting and a cheap whiskey [part #1]23 Dec, 2011
  md (7 comments, 776 views) 
cheers guys and gals!
honesty, i don't know what i'm gonna do with this post: just thought it was cool to try the new blog feature.
so, i read some other posts here and most of them -no offence to those who wrote them, uhu- just sucked. they were like 'oh buddies go and try my newest track it's so cool and i'm begging for awards cause i can't live without them!' i mean, chill out man!
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