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Location: Home  Blogs  random chatting and a fistful of clay [part #4] 
random chatting and a fistful of clay [part #4]
random chatting and a fistful of clay [part #4]26 Sep, 2012
  md (5 comments, 619 views)  
ehy hòp guys.
it's about time for another senseless blog entry by this douche.

guess you now know nadeo updated the game with the 'object importer' feature. in case you don't, go here and check it out. some dudes there are already testing the new possibilities (which are really huge. it will be possibile to even make objects as cp in a future update) and creating the first bunch of blocks.

now, here's the deal.
i don't know shit about 3d modeling/alpha channels/materials and stuff BUT i do have the will to start a team and create something cool for the game. i'm talking about a small set of blocks.
(start small, go big)
i can provide the basic concept and some work with custom textures, but in order to bring life to this idea i need the help of some cool dudes from the community.
basically i need a modeler* and any other folk willing to help (i'm totally ignorant on how to import a custom block into the game, so any help here is highly appreciated)

i'm not going to reveal the kind of blocks i intend to make. i'd like to form a team and discuss my idea with them first, so we may have more suggestions and a better inspiration.

so, who wants to jump on the boat? i can't guarantee any money return, but for god's sake the honour is what we'll get. a shitload of honour!

*being able to build a cube or a pyramid on a random 3d editor does not make you a modeler. not to sound too harsh, but i'd like to work with people with a little bit of knowledge ; ) **
** nah, seriously. the only requirement to join is a deep willingness to have fun and try. and try again. and again. (can't promise it's gonna be super easy)

and again.
5 comment(s).
  md writes ... 08, Oct, 2012  
love you too tuta (l) how you doin?

eyebo: eh, looks like this whole thing has to wait :wait:
   Tuta writes ... 08, Oct, 2012  
I am absolutely amazing at 3D modeling. Fact is, pixar wont stop calling me about job offers.

But I dont want to help.



   eyebo.wp writes ... 01, Oct, 2012  
I've been thinking about trying to learn some of this stuff, but I'd be starting at zero for sure. I'm not sure I'll have the time or motivation to start this year anyway. Maybe I will when it gets a bit colder outside... I'll want to just sit inside and learn 3D Modeling.

I wish I could join your team right now. But I don't think I'd be much of an asset in the near future.
  md writes ... 28, Sep, 2012  
looks like not many folks here are interested in this stuff. oh well.
anyway, here's a video tutorial made by jojoba007 and posted on the maniaplanet forum.

didn't have the time to watch it in its lenght, but sure it will help hopeless guys like marti and me.
  XT»Marti writes ... 26, Sep, 2012  
been thinking about that idea as well, but I, like you, have absolutely zero modelling experience. Always wanted to try it out though.. I'm interested :)
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