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Location: Home  Blogs  random chatting and a cheap whiskey [part #1] 
random chatting and a cheap whiskey [part #1]
random chatting and a cheap whiskey [part #1]23 Dec, 2011
  md (7 comments, 793 views)  
cheers guys and gals!
honesty, i don't know what i'm gonna do with this post: just thought it was cool to try the new blog feature.
so, i read some other posts here and most of them -no offence to those who wrote them, uhu- just sucked. they were like 'oh buddies go and try my newest track it's so cool and i'm begging for awards cause i can't live without them!' i mean, chill out man!

ok so, lately i noticed that mx has a little activity compared to the golden days of tms/tmu. we all know why: the game feels already old. but i don't think it's all nadeo's fault. you know, community here has developed a 'macro-style' (does that even make any sense?) and there's no more room for innovation. basically we all took all our building techniques from tmu to tm2. that killed the game.

BUT, luckily there's a few guys out there who know how to to the job.

first of all, the omnipresent eyebo, with his latest track: icy mash. i mean, you guys have to fuckin play it. that's just brilliant. a totally awesome mix of racing+rpg style with a great mod by hawkger. out of that track i totally fell in love with the scenery! it looks like a damn industrial complex and, trust me, i've been trying to build something similar for like two weeks but all i can come up with it total shit.
all hail the man.
also, i usually don't care about ingame music, and i played that track with this amazing piece by boards of canada and it was sooo good. trust me.

here's the next big thing. his nickname's uzon and i guess he's from japan. in fact he's a fuckin ninja and builds tracks that seem to be out of time.
little nightmare is a beautiful exaple of experimental building. forget about your cool transitions and stupid decorations, what we have here is a stunning piece of night-driving. super atmosphere and a not-too-hard path make this track a pure bliss!
the other one, uzon-no10 is a simple track that uses mainly that bloody narrow road, but it has a couple of big jumps that make the track looks so oldschool. it's easy, it's bumpy, it's short. it's the definition of addictiveness.
i'm sure most of you out there will not like these two tracks but well, i can live after that.

that's all folks. have a nice night. it's 4:30 in the morning, it's always 4:30 in the morning
7 comment(s).
  XT kruemelyeti writes ... 31, Dec, 2011  
Dude, you are so totally right. I feel like we've almost seen everything in TM² Canyon, nearly every track that comes up is a piece of recycling, some known transtions everytime put in another order.

I guess there are a lot of people with creative ideas, people who want wo try something new, but do not dare to do it, because they fear not being recognizedand not getting their so needful awards.

You really inspired me to make something new, to try something that is different from all these recycling tracks, because I already feel tired of TM² Canyon and miss some innovations in this biased community.

Very good blog from you, I hope it opens some people's eyes! :)

Edit: I think another mentionable track author here is DeMeNs. Noticed one of his tracks a few days ago and I was totally excited by his unique track-style. :d
  uzon writes ... 25, Dec, 2011  
I am grateful. (: :cool:(y)
  DaKKoN writes ... 23, Dec, 2011  
Ehh I'm affraid you misread me :) You've seen the "problem" part right?? Not all new players, heck, I don't even think 5% of the new players knows MX. SO what you get is that the "old" people are all over the site. But look on the last uploaded tracks. I rarely know anyone of that. So there ARE many other players. New players. We just need to get to know them :)

(But I understand what you wanna say with the "most-awards-list"!!!) But that's also "thickheaddedness" of the "older-players" who think to stick with the known. But I might also be a little guilty of that though. But more due to inactivity ^^)

But I agree with you. More unknown authors should get known. But in general I think people should work more with comments and awards. A lot of people simply DL tracks to drive or to add to server. They never leave a comment/feedback on the track-site. If people took a little more effort into that, you'd get more active community. I mean instead of 5 new tracks, DL 4 and comment to them :) Drive replays and what not!
  tmjonas writes ... 23, Dec, 2011  
True story. As xt showed a while ago: way to go shitty!

... and thanks for the good read.
  md writes ... 23, Dec, 2011  
DaKKoN says:
And there's the "problem" that the community has got more new memebers then "old-players" as I feel it's sometimes like. Which means they either do not know MX or dunno how much you can do with the game.

imho it's the exact opposite.
i mean where are the new guys? please do me a favor and name a track with >20 awards built by a guy that was not registered in tmu or tmnf, 'cause all i can see are the same users that were famous on tm1. there's no room for newbies, while old faggots like you and me are killing the game because we play the game the same way we did with tmu.
imho we should get to the point where we understand that tm2 is not tm. we should change everything. new rules, man. screw the past trackstyles and let's start from a blank sheet.

should be cool to have a track-search filter that allows me to find the track of guys who did not played tmu/tmn.
kill the old and bring out the new.
  DaKKoN writes ... 23, Dec, 2011  
Haha the whiskey in the title got my focus ^^

Anywayz, is that really true?? People are already done with the game?? wtf?? I'm still exploring it. Well I don't play every day like back in the days, but still. When I build tracks I still have the feeling I create stuff I haven;t seen before. I simply never see a chance to finish a track :*(
Hmmm it feels like a wrong turn for the game then. Maybe it's also because MX is not completely up and running. It's what kept me from playing the game to intensely when I got it in the beginning. (This is NOT a bad comment to FOrzy and everyone else working their asses off on the site!!!. Got nothing to do with what I try to say here ^^) And it still feels like beta. Strange build up from track-sites. Maybe becuase it all doesn't go as fluently as on TMX it feels awkward for people? And there's the "problem" that the community has got more new memebers then "old-players" as I feel it's sometimes like. Which means they either do not know MX or dunno how much you can do with the game.

Anywayz, I LOVE the game. I LOVE the sliding and LOVE building tracks. I hope the game won';t die quick, but I feel like it will only get better... :) Thx for the fun blog post and the fun nightmare track! Loved it!!
   eyebo.wp writes ... 23, Dec, 2011  
So this is where you wrote the rest of your award. :p
Seriously though, that was some of the nicest words I've read about one of my tracks. (l)

I'm really looking forward to trying your other two recommendations as well. (y)

This is a really nice post and a good example for everyone on how blogging should be done!

I agree with what you said about the community on TMX/MX having developed a macro-style.
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